Is There Such a Thing as the Technical Marketing Trap?

Technical Marketing Trap?

YES THERE IS and you may not even know you are in it. I guarantee, if you are you will certainly be losing business and exposure.

First of all, if you are comfortable doing technical marketing the way you have for the past 10 – 20 years but you aren’t seeing increases in engagement or sales, you need to change your approach.

The technical marketing world has vastly changed and reaching your audiences is both harder and easier than ever before. Nonsense you say? But this is the paradox of modern marketing; Thanks to digital marketing, costs to reach huge audiences have gone down – because of this, the possibility of standing out and getting noticed has become harder.

Secondly, if this article is rubbing you up the wrong way, because you have been doing technical marketing for 20+ years and you know everything about it… Good, the chances are you are annoyed because deep down you know something needs to change?

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Time honoured traditions and tunnel vision won’t always bring new customers.

Technical Marketing is often carried out by people with a deep knowledge in their chosen field of expertise. I’m talking technology development, scientific advancement and engineering mainly – basically anything STEM related.

One thing that seems to run across the board is an eagerness to explain the most in depth details of the science, tech or engineering processes that have gone into the development of a product or service.

This is perfectly understandable! After all if you have spent the last seven years of your life helping to develop a great innovation, you want to let people know ALL about your hard work and the ground breaking innovations that have gone into it.

technical marketing doesn't need to be boring

The Trap…

We’ve all seen them, posters or pop ups at exhibitions and conferences for engineering, science or technology that have a small image of a graph and then several paragraphs of in depth information. Nobody will read it.

Even people in similar fields, with what you might expect to be an interest and a better understanding will not spend time stood there like a lemon reading those paragraphs – the same applies to digital marketing; websites, social media posts etc…

The only time this is different is when people choose to engage, like you have if you got this far in the article! Thanks, if you did by the way.


Getting out of the trap won’t be easy but simple changes and a step by step approach will bring you new customers and recognition. But before you work on the solutions:

Find out what your customers really want to know?
Is it savings in cost? Actual positive impact on their life? How it will get them ahead?
Once you know your answers, aim all your marketing materials around those messages. You can go into technical detail later, maybe in a PR drive.

To begin with, it might seem like a mountain to climb but it’s not as hard as you might think. Here are my 5 tips that you can use right now to start making effective changes and connect with more people than you have before:

1. Please, No More Text Heavy Technical Marketing Materials

If you can say it in a clear and attractive image or info-graphic, do so – you will probably save time and possibly money too.

2. Use Video

Video is the new photography. Animation or simple but clear video will make you stand out, get your message across quickly and with greater impact. Just keep it short and attractive. In fact I will make a video that covers this article to prove it. In a couple of months I will compare the results of both in a post! Also, create your video to match your chosen platform: if you are creating a buffer ad for facebook consider making it a square output for better viewing on mobiles. If it is for use in a exhibition maybe you want 4K.


3. Be Social

Don’t assume social media is a trivial exercise, it is estimated that 42 million people engage in social media in the UK. You have the chance to get in front of more than half the population of the UK! Some of your customers will be on there. Don’t rely on cross posting tools to save you time on social media. People will know you are being lazy and not truly engaging with them. Finally, social media isn’t just Facebook and Twitter; YouTube Pinterest, Instagram and even Whatsapp (and many more) are all covered under the term. Find the ones that are right for your business.

4. Website Revamp

Ok, so this is quite a biggy. But to begin with you could just change your homepage, there are free tools and templates that will allow you to create something that looks professional and is mobile friendly. Keep it clear and classy looking. The old adage for engineering applies to this too – Keep it simple… One more tip; Get your contact details or call to action within the top third.

5. Observe

Check out your competition. Pay attention to what works, what doesn’t and how engaged they are with their audiences. Learn from their mistakes and find inspiration in their successes. You shouldn’t copy what they do, but if you see something you like that works for them – think about the next step up for that approach.

Speak to us

This isn’t a sales exercise, though if we can work together that is great. We are genuinely offering some insights you might not have considered. We offer a free hour long session, Skype, phone or meeting if you are UK based and within reasonable travelling distance.

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