5 ways to use animated video

5 Ways to Use Animated Video

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There are 5 main ways to use animated video for your companies sales and marketing activities. These are:

Website Homepage

You can include an animated video onto your website homepage very easily and it’s going to help your visitors to stay on your website for longer. Why? Because the material is interesting and engaging. Google will view your website more favourably on it’s search engine if you have good and engaging content on your website. So it’s a no brainer that you would need one.

Social Media

Social media is such an important part of every companies sales and marketing, from the local hairdresser to the large corporation, it’s a starting point for most B2C interactions. So depending on what your company does and who your client base is depends on what social media platform you use.

But what they all have in common is video. Use either a 10 second or 30 second (buffer ad or impact post) sequence of videos to demonstrate a new product which will support a larger marketing campaign.

We created a nice little 25 sec buffer ad for a company called¬†Moixa – Home Battery Explainer Animation – you can see how they’ve used the video on their site here


Use an animated video or explainer video along with a press release to online trade magazines. It will be engaging content that will work really well to demonstrate what your message is.

People will remember 95% of video messages compared with 10% text


Using a video as part of your exhibition is a really nice why to capture peoples attention to your site which can be difficult when you are competing with all the other companies there. Along with complimentary printed materials it gives off a really good professional impression to prospective clients.


How many of you have created a presentation that has so much information in it that it’s really difficult to make sure it doesn’t send your audience to sleep. Well you can use an animated video at the start and throughout to communicate those high information dense subjects that may leave your audience yawning otherwise.

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