Animations & Video Marketing

Pre-Animation Checklist

We can create a clear strategy for you
so can plan your company growth

What We Do

Animated Technologies are multi award winning technical video marketing & product launch specialists with over 20 years experience.

We utilise high quality animation and video to make your engineering, technology or scientific products stand out from the crowd.

What you get
Bespoke Animations

We will tailor each animation for our client so that you have that flexibility to communicate the right message for you.

Fully Branded & Consistent

We understand the importance of the brand so we create each animation to suit the client. That means that it not only sits inside it’s brand guidelines. We will also create the right style of animation to fit your company.

High Quality Animations
The beauty of an animated video is that it can be rendered and produced to anysize requirements. We can also output stills from the animation to be used for printed materials.
Supporting Services
We have a wide gamut of skills and expertise at Animated Technologies including print, branding and webdesign. So if your animated video requires additional services we can deliver these in-house.
Did you Know...

we offer a free animation strategy consultation?
we offer a free animation strategy consultation?