Are animated videos expensive? And if they are then why?

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Our director Anna outlines why animated explainers videos seem expensive, however the return on your investment can be huge in this vlog below.

Are animated videos expensive? And if so then why? Do you get your ROI?

I wanted to ask a question and answer it in this video today and that is are animated videos expensive? And do you get that money back in the form of a return of investment?

What’s involved with an animated video?

So I’ll talk you through what goes into an animated video just to help explain a bit more.

Animated videos might look quite simple and effective at explaining their message but there’s a lot that goes into them. There’s the time it takes to plan and build and make sure you get your messages right. To create any assets in the pictures, voiceovers, music, making sure it all works together and it all stays consistent with the brand message for the company that you are. So the process that we take our clients through when we have the initial consultation on messages, getting that right, who the videos are meant for, who is the target and then we take that through to the visualization stage.

The process or journey to creating an animated video.

We plan out how we see the video animation going and how we are going to feed in those messages into that video.

Next stage when everybody’s happy with that is we go onto the storyboard stage. This visualizes the messages in more detail so you can get a better idea of where things go and the styling of the video, how it’s gonna feel, how it’s gonna flow.

At this point, you can still make changes and a lot of clients do. They think, “Hang on, I’m not quite sure about that anymore. “Can we go back, can we feed in any more messages “or take some away” depending on how it’s all going.

And it’s important to make sure that this happens at this stage because once we start to animate it, that’s when it gets more complicated going forward.

Next stage after creating the storyboard if everybody’s happy with everything is creating the assets for the animation. Assets are the background, the characters all the images we need. Also, do we need a voiceover? Do we need a script creating, working on the script with the voiceover artist to create this? Do we need any music creating? Do we need any specific music creating for your brand? Because that’s also something that can be created for you.

All these different processes do take time. It roughly takes two months to create an animated video with all these steps involved, making sure everything’s right and the approval process is quick.

Then we get into the first draft. Is everybody happy with the messages or have we missed something out? Has the client missed something out? This is when that goes through stage one and stage two of the drafts. And then it’s at this point, when everything is corrected and everybody is happy with everything, then we go on to the final production.

What happens after the animation is created?

How do you want your videos exported? Do you want them in high definition? Do you want them in a normal definition? Do you want them creating in a format that you can use on Instagram? Or on Twitter or on Facebook or on LinkedIn? Do you need subtitles adding to your video?

There’s a lot of different elements that are needed or need to be thought-about to go into creating an animated video. Much like any sort of marketing projects. But it is quite easy if you follow the steps and you work through the project and the project management software that we use to help the whole process go smoothly.

So with the question, are animated videos expensive? They are worth what it is to create them. I would see them as a very valuable tool. The time it takes to invest in an animated video to get that message right and to get your key unique selling points over to your client base, I would see that as the real investment that you’ve got. So when people say to me oh, you’re a bit expensive with your costings but I don’t see it like that at all. I see it as a huge investment in your company and getting the right messages across to your target market.

More effective, more return on investment rather than some other tools out there. It really is dependent on what your company is and what’s gonna work for you. So yeah, hopefully, that has helped answer any questions that anybody has. If you’d like to know more about animated videos or you’d like to have a quote on a video for your company, then please send me a message and I’d be happy to send you some information.

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