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Case Study: Air Cycle Technology

In Animated Technologies, General by Anna Burke

Technical Animations

A case study to from a previous client Air Cycle Technology. They are a small engineering company that manufactures high-performance turbochargers and cooling systems in engines for cars, making engines faster and more efficient. 

Working closely with manufactures and supercar manufacturers, they sell a highly specialised technical product into a niche market.

We worked with them to get an understanding of their product and their target customers, putting together the following explainer-style technical animation. The simple message and engaging visuals make the product easy to understand even for a non-technical audience. The result is an animation that concisely explains the technical aspects, as well as indicating the business benefits of the product.

From the main video we’ve been able to make smaller videos that they can use on social media. A bit like the segments of a cake. The smaller videos focus on a single message that they can use in targeted campaigns.

Creating videos like this from a main full-length video is giving you the maximum benefit and return on your investment.

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