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How to get from A to B?

I was recently talking to a director of a technical engineering company that was really confused about what he needed to do about his company.

He has years of experince and a huge amount of knowledge about what he does and how he does it.

The problem he was having is that his prospective clients didn’t believe that his company had the ability to do what they said they could do and they didn’t find the value of what he was offering.

But his product if used correctly could save them MILLIONS of pounds!

So he was really confused about what to do. Second guessing which direction he should take. Is this the best way to tackle this problem, no maybe this way…

So how do you go about bringing value to your product enough for a prospective client to become a client.

You build up your brand!

How do you build up your brand? There is no 1 way to do this. There are many ways. Much like building a house it has 4 sides to it and bricks!

Just focus on 1 area first and think about that.

Who is your client? And which media platform is your client likely to use.

If you are targeting an ice cream man then you may want to use food and drink magazines and get their attention through that medium. Or if your client is in a business where he is behind a desk most of the time, the chances are they are on LinkedIn.

Think about who you are targeting and where you can access their attention.

So when you have the right target you can think about the areas of your business that you can talk about and promote.

Building Authority

You can always promote your company for who it is and build on the messages and ethos that your company has. These are important to communicate as they are what your company is. Plus if you have years of experience in your chosen industry then shout about this. Talk about your team and the great work that they do.

When you actually start to write down some ideas on what to cover you will find you have lots to talk about.

You know What You Are Talking About

So how do you get across to the possible client that you know what you are talking about. You do this with case studies and testimonials. Surround yourself with the tools that you need to do the job. Let everybody know what you have done and how you have done it.

So Where Do I Start?

Figure out where you want to be, work out who your client is and then start to create articles and interesting subject matter about who you are. Create the article as if you are writing it for your target client.

This is the start of a strategy that you can build on and create a great foundation for a successful marketing campaign.

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