How Do we make an animated explainer video

How Do We Make an Animated Explainer Video?

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Well like most creative projects you need a brief. The brief will tell us who the animated explainer video is aimed at and what messages we need to communicate, also what the budget is. All key factors to start with.

After we have the nitty gritty ironed out we can start to visualise it. What the style of the video will be like. A bit of a mood board for the animation.

Then we can start to plan out the video.

Planning Is Key

Like most marketing practices planning is key to getting your animated explainer video right. Whether that is in development or implementation stages. And we make sure we have those key messages created at this stage.

Other factors we take into account when we are planning an explainer video is the time in which those key messages are released.

Your prime engagement window on how long a user will watch your video for is between 10 and 30 seconds. So if you haven’t got across your key points in that time then you may have lost the attention of the end user. We have more interesting statistic listed on our website here

Once we have the key points refined we create a storyboard for the video to follow. Although the below wasn’t for an explainer video. The process is the same. A storyboard looks a little like the below image.

Then we can start to create the ‘assets’. These are all the different images that will be used in the animation. So in the case of the storyboard above we would create the snake and the images of the glass breaking and the text and background etc.

Then it’s time to create the animation. We use a number of programs to create our animations, from After Effects to Maya. Piecing the parts together to end up with a first draft.

It’s important to have a review at this point to make sure the key messages and flow of the animation is still on track and that everybody is happy with it. Then to finish we will package for the finished product, whether that is for the internet (website) or social media, we can export your video to suit the native environment you want it displayed in.

Explainer animations and videos can be a key tool in your marketing arsenal to deliver the message you want. Below shows the finished product.

Learn more about animated explainer videos here.

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