grow your audience with video

How to Grow Your Audience with Video

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In this short video, Anna looks at the role that video can play in helping you grow your audience as part of a wider marketing strategy. Read the full transcript below.

Hello, just a quick note from me. I’m Anna from Animated Technologies.

So one of the key points raised by a client that I’ve highlighted is trying to build a bigger audience.

So quite traditionally in marketing, all companies have used printing materials, networking, word-of-mouth. But what happens when those word-of-mouth referrals dry up? That’s when you’ve got to start thinking creatively.

How can you compete in today’s market with your current clients? Building a strategy to do that is going to be key.

Building the strategy is something that we work on with our clients. So, for example, if it’s a new company coming to fruition then we can help launch them with a website, video and a social media campaign that uses that videos in shorter blocks within a controlled sort of strategy throughout a 12-month period.

And what’s great about video as well when you are doing strategy and you do have to show –  you know, I’ve invested X or Y amount of money and I need to see what comes back – you can show that in video views. If you just have your video on YouTube, or Vimeo as well, you can track the conversions. You can track who sees it and really understand how your video is working – who’s clicking on it and if you’re gonna get your return on investment, which you more than likely will do.

So if you’re interested in building a bigger audience try using video along with the strategy, because just having a video on its own is fine but the video is really just to attract people’s attention, and then you need to draw them in through other ways.

So, build your audience, use different mediums – definitely video to start with. I would say definitely if you haven’t used it before. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t used it before because lots of people haven’t.

Quite happy to speak to anybody if even if they’ve got any questions about, you know, what is video, what do we do etc, etc, then just get in contact with me. Happy to chat more.

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