IMPROVING Sales & Marketing for your Company

How to Improve Sales and Marketing

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Ok, so you are a company that want to know how to Improve Sales and Marketing. How do you do that?

First of all, you’d probably want to do a bit of a health check on all your marketing and sales processes. What are those processes and are they delivering leads? if they are what is the cost per lead for that marketing process. If they are not, then why still use them, what’s the justification to do so?

Once you’ve been able to analyse that and figure out what is working and what isn’t working you can then look at what else you can be doing on the budget that you have. If your company hasn’t thought about video as a marketing tool for your sales and lead generation then I would recommend it.

What an animated video can do for your company is to bring clarity. Clarity on what your product does and what the key features are that set you apart from your competitors.

72% of consumers use video to learn about a product instead of reading the text in a user’s manual

95% of users watch an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

So with statistics like this, it can be hard to justify why you don’t use animated videos as a marketing tool for your company. But why use animated videos and not a regular live filmed video?

Well, there are pros and cons to each. A live video is great to get a sense of the person at a company and the environment of that company. So features on your company and company culture are great for this. Where that can fall short is that they can date. You may not have the same people at that company 1 year to the next. It also isn’t hugely engaging when you have a product to sell. this is where animated videos come into their own.

An animated video is such a simple and easily understood medium, so it appeals to a wide audience of people. You can follow whichever branding suits your company. Be that a quirky character or a serious 3D stylish product video. It also won’t date like a live video will. You can use it year after year. And this is a great feature for animated videos. You can count that initial investment in a video for year 1, 2 and 3. which is going to deliver your return on investment, the more you use it.

So back to my initial question, How to Improve Sales and Marketing?

Use can use your video on your website, it will explain what you do quickly and succinctly. When Animated Technologies produce an animated video for clients we tend to have a ‘master’ video that shows all the key messages and services, which we can then chop up into smaller videos for use of social media. Use these smaller videos as mini explainers for the products you sell. Schedule these in on a regular basis for your audience to see.

If you have a database you can use it to send out newsletters and use your videos within the email to engage your audience.

The main purpose of an animated video is to engage and explain to your audience.

Using the video in an exhibition is also a great way to capture the attention of passers-by and spark and interest with them, and even a conversation starter.

So if you are interested in using an animated video to explain your product and you’d like to know more, send us a message and speak to one of our experts.