How Will Brexit affect Marketing_

How Will Brexit affect Marketing?

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Brexit could have many consequences for marketing in Britain. In this short video, Anna sheds light on some of the brand image issues that Brexit will raise for some companies. The transcript is below.


Hello everybody, it’s Anna from Animated Technologies. Just wanted to do a quick video to highlight an issue that came up at a meeting I had the other day.

Brexit and Business

So I’m a  member of the FSB Wales policy unit, based in Cardiff, and we were talking about the dreaded B-word, Brexit, at our last meeting, and how the focus may be on import-export with businesses and how it might affect them, but what it also is probably going to affect them as well a lot of the time is a brand, a company’s reputation.

Whatever happens with Brexit reputation is is is everything really. So what’s the best way to build on your reputation and build on your brand? Creating a video that highlights and showcases tha, and putting a bit a bit of promotion and a bit of marketing into that is going to build trust I think. And there’s many sort of testimonials and feedback you can get in there as well. It’s going to be crucial.

Video and Brand Image

So if you’re worried about reputation with your clients and building on that reputation and making sure your company is getting seen above other competitors, then I would suggest getting a video and creating a video to get that done because it’s the quickest, the easiest way to do it. And you’re going to be able to use it for years and years as long as your values are the same.

So, yes, just a little thought on building your company’s brand image amidst Brexit.

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