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How Will You Market Your Product?

In Animated Technologies, General by Anna Burke

Creating the product is the first stage of any products life, getting that product out to the wider world and to the right target market is the next big stage. Making sure you have the right marketing strategies in place to effectively launch your product can make or break a product.

There are two main types of marketing that are utilised by companies nationwide:

The first is product-led marketing, the likes of which you’ve probably seen across Facebook. These ads are produced to grab your attention while you’re mindlessly scrolling down your feed.

The second type of marketing can be found on websites like AirBnB. This other half of the marketing industry uses design-led advertisement to entice viewers into clicking on links. For AirBnB, design-led content marketing has allowed its brand to advertise more effectively.

Let’s delve into these two types of marketing further.

Product-led marketing

Any company that uses product-led marketing is taking one simple course of action: They’re putting a single product at the forefront of everything they are.

By advertising using product-led marketing, the aim is to grab the attention of those who are browsing the internet or watching television. Product-led marketing is incredibly visual.

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Animations are extremely powerful ways to build your client base through product-led marketing. Combine that animation with a recognisable product, and you’ve got a sure-fire way to start building interest in the products your business sells. Technical animation videos will help explain your product while keeping your audience entertained.

Take Apple for example, who rely almost entirely on product-led marketing. The entire world knows about their products months before they’re released, and Apple know how to use product placement to keep building that hype. This is all thanks to the product launch videos that Apple put out, and the product launch marketing schemes they employ.

Design-led marketing

Now, let’s move on to design-led marketing. Marketing that is driven entirely by the design considerations that the company is working with, which may take several things into account. This usually includes the functional criteria of the product, the aesthetic of the product and the company, and the uniqueness of the product’s design.

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Design-led marketing doesn’t look at the consumer’s requirements. In that way, it’s very different from product-led marketing, where the company focuses on the how’s and whys to tempt the customer into making a purchase. For this kind of marketing, animated explainer videos can be perfect.

Strangely enough, Apple also uses this technique. But when you think about it, it’s not so surprising. Apple has a very recognisable brand, and its aesthetic is unique to them. Even though there are many other products that are similar to Apple’s, you know an Apple product when you see it. And that’s how you know their marketing works.

Animated product marketing

Your product is ready, and you’re researching the best ways to advertise it to a wide audience without losing their interest in a few seconds. This is where animation comes in. A 3D animation company would have to problem putting together a 3D product animation for you to use in your marketing.

From product launch videos to animated explainer videos, a 3D animation studio is your best bet. And the best thing? You can use either of the two main marketing techniques, and you’re still guaranteed to have a unique piece of marketing for your brand. Think modern, and be unique.