Interactive Technology

Where cutting-edge technology and limitless creativity collide.

As technology and devices are increasing with their potential, so are the possibilities for using AR, VR and interactive applications in new and creative ways. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

A new way to do exhibitions

AR eliminates barriers when marketing your product by allowing customers to see it placed within their environment. It goes beyond a still graphic and text that doesn’t give them an effective understanding of how your product works. 

It is an interactive 3D model of your product that can be viewed from all angles. Not only can your product be viewed in a real-life 3D space, but elements of the product can be manipulated in that space so customers can get a visual understanding of how it works and see key features for themselves. 

AR unlocks hidden potential at exhibitions and other events by creating an accessible, interactive experience that is not only memorable, but creates a strong brand message.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Unrestricted creativity 

3D animation is a great tool to engage and captivate your audience, but sometimes you need to engage and communicate more. That’s where Animated Technologies can use virtual reality, augmented reality or interactive applications to visualise your complex product or technology.

VR is the latest must-have technology that is taking the industry by storm. Offering a unique user experience by immersing customers into a 360 degrees, 3D animated environment, it has a versatility that many businesses are yet to tap into. 

No longer just for games, VR brings your product to your customers, no matter how large or far it may be. Eliminate the risk associated with real-world environments by using VR to train new staff or take investors on an interactive tour around your technical product. Where words fail to communicate the technicalities and complexities of your product, VR thrives. 

Interactive Applications

Utilising what your customers already have

Interactive apps are an effective marketing tool as it utilises something all your customers have on them at all times - their smartphones.

Through apps, customers can get a visual understanding of how your technical product works, similar to AR. However, interactive apps work in a purely digital space meaning the creative possibilities are endless and you can choose exactly how you want your technical product to be presented to them.

The future is here

It’s easy to think the integration of AR and VR technology is years away, however, this is simply not the case

Interactive technology is already making an appearance in a wide range of industries. From VR in training simulations and AR marketing at exhibitions, it’s clear to see that to get ahead of the competition businesses need to embrace these technologies into their marketing strategies as soon as possible. As experts in interactive technology, we work in partnership with your technical teams to develop innovative interactive tools, such as VR and AR, that will help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to see how interactive technology can transform your business and propel it into the future.

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