Innovative Technology Ltd.

We were asked to create branding and a product launch video for one of the UK's top technology companies specialising in cash validators. The Spectral NV200 is a machine that is set to take the validation world on in a big way. It uses technology that is highly advanced and has taken many years to develop. This spectral scanning technology is a world first allowing the Spectral to validate notes better than any other machine on the market.

Turning words into visuals

We worked closely with the technical team at ITL, taking their ideas and turning them into animations that could be easily understood by the viewer. As well as showing off the technology within the spectral, we needed it to look great too.

High quality, realistic 3D renders, show off the technology of the Spectral NV200 in all it's glory. Animation enables us to show an expanded view of the inner workings of the product, which allows customers to understand exactly how the technology works without having to physically see the product - widening the reach of ITL's target markets.

Check out the full video below

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