New Product launch ideas

New Product Launch Campaign Ideas

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When launching a new product, half of the challenge can be effectively promoting it to your consumers. For your product launch to be a success you’ll need a promotional strategy that will create excitement, anticipation and awareness. We’ve put together our top New Product Launch Campaign Ideas to help you on your way to becoming a marketing genius.

How to promote a new product with a teaser campaign

Teaser campaigns are designed to offer a glimpse of a product and its features, which builds excitement prior to a launch. This way your consumers will be anticipating the exciting arrival of your new product and suspense will begin to build. 

An affordable and practical way of doing this is via social media. Sleek imagery, short videos and sneak previews are a great way of keeping your audience guessing as to what the product details will be and what it will look like.

Your teaser campaign should be launched at least a month before the product launch date in order to ensure you have enough time to create a buzz on social media. You can create excitement and evoke curiosity by regularly posting updates on your social media channels. This could be in the form of a countdown showing the number of days remaining to the launch or stylised close up shots of the product giving previews of its design.

Create animated product launch videos

Video content has a much larger impact on your audience and according to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands, over any other form of content. In addition using videos on your own websites landing pages can increase conversions by 86%

Videos are a great opportunity for you to showcase the key features of your new product and how they work. However it’s important that you not only emphasise the new features but also highlight how the product can affect and benefit your audience as well as solve their problems.

Product launch videos are a great piece of content marketing to have, as they can be promoted in so many different ways, including social media, email marketing, your website, trade shows, events and so much more. The more views your video can get the more awareness your new product will receive.

Use influencer marketing to promote your product

While you’ll already be creating as much awareness as you can around your new product to your existing consumer base, influencer marketing is a great way to reach a new audience. Influencers have a significant following of their own so what better way to harness their community than asking them to review or talk about your new product on their blog, website or YouTube channel. 

According to a recent survey, influencer marketing was considered the most cost effective and fastest growing marketing channel, making it a no brainer when it comes to promoting your new product. Which comes as no surprise, as another survey found that 50% of internet users say they follow some sort of celebrity or influencer account on social media. Not only will influencer marketing increase brand awareness, it will also build trust and show authority. Influencer followers trust that the product reviews they are being shown will be an accurate representation of the products performance.

Early Access and FOMO Marketing

Once the buzz around your new product has begun to increase, creating an early access email marketing campaign is a great way to encourage people to get your product before anyone else. It can also cause a sense of urgency and fear of missing out. FOMO marketing or fear of missing out marketing can be really effective in encouraging consumers to make a purchase.

This can be achieved by asking consumers to enter their email address in order to gain early access to the product. Not only will this cause a frenzy to buy your product early but it also helps you collect new subscribers to target with email marketing campaigns. To create further incentive with your early access promotion, you could provide early sign ups with an exclusive offer, discount, freebie or voucher.

Host a launch event or product demonstration

When launching a new product or range, a launch event or product demonstration is a great way to really get across the story and brand message to your consumers. This is your opportunity to really express the benefits of your product, its features and why the consumer should buy it. The product launch videos used in your social media campaign can also be used during your presentation or event.

By making a big deal of your product launch you could help to increase awareness as well as potentially gain some press coverage. You could even invite the influencers you are working with to the event and ask them to share live updates from the event while they are there.

Raise awareness of your product by engaging with consumers

An important component of a product launch is engaging with your customers. Not only should you be producing great content but you should also encourage your audience to engage with you at events, on social media, in video comments and forums. This includes asking questions, responding to comments and asking your audience their opinion.

Encourage them to share, tag and comment on your posts, by asking questions, or asking them to tag someone they think would like this product. Competitions that require users to like, tag and share posts to enter are a great way to raise awareness of your product. Making your customers feel valued in this way will create an emotional connection, causing them to be loyal to your brand. 

At Animated Technologies, we have over 20 years of experience creating product launch videos that help get brand messages across to consumers. We specialise in engineering and technical animations, as well as animated corporate videos and social video. To find out more about how a product launch video could help your business, click here or call Call now on 020 3984 9998 or 01248 858 081 for your free strategy call.

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