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Product Animation

Product animation is a great way to reach your target audience, because it makes products more appealing and attractive. A product animation gives the viewer an idea of what they are purchasing without physically touching or experiencing the product in person. It helps your product stand out in a crowded marketplace and can break down barriers to encouraging purchasing decisions.

The benefits of a product animation

A Product animation is an excellent way to showcase your product and brand. Not only does it give a more accurate representation of the item, but 3-dimensional modelling can convey motion that still photos cannot reproduce. The animated images allow viewers to get up close with your goods in ways they never could before!

Here are our top five benefits.

  • Instead of just showing a picture, a product animation allows you to show your product in action. We’re able to create product animations that show exact scenarios where your product can solve customers' problems with ease and precision.
  • With the help of infographics, you can easily delve into complex topics and make them easy to understand. Infographics also allow for an easier demonstration of key features which are not always fully explained in a text-based medium.
  • There is also a versatility across platforms that you may not always get with other forms of media. 
  • A product animation can help your company's investors visualize the final outcome of their investment.
  • It's easier to see the awe and wonder of your product when it can be experienced in 3D. With this new technology, you'll have no limits on where or who sees what you're selling!

A Product animation is not just a novelty anymore, it's an integral part of contemporary marketing. Imagine the potential for your company if you were able to take this innovative approach in developing and displaying new products! Receive more information today on how product animations can help drive sales or contact our team here at Animated Technologies.

Product Animation Case Study – Tidal Energy

Tidal Sales developed a renewable energy technology that generates electricity from tidal energy. We created this product animation to help them explain how it works!

They wanted to show off their renewable energy offering and how it worked in comparison to its less effective competitors. To do this we crafted a highly realistic product animation with a professional, but friendly, voice-over and carefully chosen music.

Not only does animation help show off the environmental benefits of this product, but it turns a potentially complex idea into an easy-to-understand concept. Through simple visuals and movement, potential clients instantly understand how to use the core of the product!

Ways to use your Product Animation

So, you’ve had your product turned into a spectacular product animation, now what? Well once we’ve made your animation there’s a lot you can do.

From landing pages to blog posts, it’s always a good idea to start any marketing campaign with your website. The power of the internet has made prototyping and sharing on social media platforms easier than ever before; you can now share your product animation straight from your site or create an entire post around them!

When you’ve got your animation on your website, it is time to promote it with social media. Product animations are versatile and can be used across different platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter but don't forget there's more than just these networks for an animation – YouTube, Vimeo or LinkedIn as well!

Being able to communicate your product effectively is one of the most important factors for success.

Communicating a business idea well can be an advantage in many different ways and with various stakeholders, such as investors or customers. For example, it might help you gain more funding from them if they understand what goal you are trying to accomplish through their investment

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