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Most Product Launches Fail

Most product launches fail. In fact, business experts have estimated that a staggering 80-95% of new products don’t succeed in the market.

Achieving a successful product launch is difficult. There’s so much to think about and so much you need to get right. However, you’ll increase your chances of success by developing a firm grasp on your market, and following certain key steps ahead of the launch. That’s where a product launch roadmap comes in.

What is a Product Launch Roadmap?

A product launch roadmap removes the guesswork as you venture into the marketplace with your new product.

A roadmap helps you to ask the right questions about your product and your market, enabling you to develop the strategy you need for a successful product launch.

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Animated Technologies are product launch specialists, with extensive experience in launching complex products in technology, medical, and science niches.

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Pick a time and date using the calendar above for an in-depth chat about your project goals we will use the session to create a full roadmap strategy along with early concepts and mood boards for the campaign. We expect the consultation to take around half a day, but we can be flexible
Answer a series of searching questions designed to get you thinking about your project goals and target audience it will kick of your creative process and enable us to come in warm. After you have answered the questions you will be asked to make a payment for the session
We will either come to your offices, you may visit ours or we can Skype if distance is an issue. We will begin with defining your story, your product or service and the target market. Then we get creative! Afterwards we supply a roadmap and the means for a successful campaign

Tom and Anna created really innovative animations to showcase our products and bring our technical cash handling devices to life!

The team are very knowledgeable and helpful. Their video animations are the perfect way for us to demonstrate our new products to a worldwide audience and they always produce results.

Our products are quite technically advanced with a lot of complex scientific and engineering functions but the animations allow us to outline the various features and benefits of our products in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.


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What is a Product Launch Roadmap?
Meeting you online or face to face
We always try to organise a face to face, but sometimes due to the nature of our business it makes more sense to chat online first. However we talk, we ensure that we all get the most from it.
Getting to know you
Step one is always going to be about us trying to get our heads around your project. We have a lot of experience breaking down and understanding complex information, be prepared for lots of questions!
A strategy to take forward

During the session we will introduce ideas and concepts to you that you may not have considered. Afterwards we go away and create plan of action for your project launch

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Quick Case Study is a new type of lending company that launched in 2018. 

To compliment their company launch materials they commissioned Animated Technologies to create a series of 2D explainer videos for them.

We produced a modular video that with sections that could be interchanged. Bringing a flexible and unique style to their marketing output.

Modulated videos allowed them to apply a different edit for each target, swapping and changing out scenes as required. 

Making a Product Launch Success
Together we will build a complete marketing campaign that guarantees your new product is launched with a bang.

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For a real impact, better customer connections and more memorable campaigns it’s unbeatable.

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Every journey starts with the first step, we offer a free consultation to help focus in on your goals and plant some idea seeds.

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