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Product Marketing for Technology Companies

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So you’re a technology company with a fantastic product and looking for Product Marketing for your Technology Company. But how do you sell it? Marketing a technology product has its own unique challenges. That means that product marketing for technology companies requires a unique set of strategies.

At Animated Technologies, we’ve been working with technology, engineering, and medical companies for years. We know the challenges of marketing complex technology products, and we also know the strategies that work, leading to successful product launches.

Here’s how we approach product marketing for technology clients who are looking for results.


A Technology Marketing Strategy That Works

Having a clear message is a fundamental marketing principle, and it’s especially important for technology companies. The difficulty is that technically-minded people who work very closely to a product and know it intimately can sometimes get bogged down in the details. Creating a great product and marketing it are two different tasks.

At Animated Technologies we’ve developed a process that helps technology companies to successfully bring new products to market again and again.

1. Create a roadmap

We begin the product marketing process by designing a product launch roadmap. By stepping back and looking at your unique selling points, your key messages, and your values, we can reduce the risks and take the guesswork out of launching your products. A roadmap gives you a strong footing so that you can launch your technology product with confidence.

2. Product and market research

The next stage is research. As well as investigating your specific market at length, we come to your offices to get a full understanding of your product and your business. Leaving no stone unturned, we want to know your product inside-out so we can understand its place in the market, and its benefits. We then put together a report with a plan of action to help you decide how to move forward.

3. Marketing content creation

The next step is the creation and promotion of your marketing content. We help you to choose the channels and types of content that will help you reach your ideal customers and bring you ROI on your new product. We work from an extensive toolbox of video marketing techniques including animated explainer videos, corporate videos, and social media video marketing.

Why Animated Video Marketing Works

We’ve seen animated videos bring in results for tech companies again and again. But why does it work? Here are five reasons.

1. Video forces you to simplify your message

In any niche – but in technology especially – It’s vital that your product is as easy to understand as possible. Your customer should be able to understand your product effortlessly. There should be almost no thinking required on their part. But in order to achieve this, it requires you to refine your message. Video makes you boil down your key message and forces you to focus on the essentials.

2. Visuals are memorable, and sound can enhance it

The human brain has evolved in such a way that moving images help us absorb information. By using colour, movement, and carefully-crafted design principles, you can make a lasting impression and wedge yourself into your customers’ mind. Combining visuals with sound by getting the right voiceover can take your video to the next level.

3. Video builds understanding and trust

A good video not only helps your customer to understand your product, but also builds trust. As a customer moves down the funnel, video can shed light on your company’s personality and values, breaking down barriers, building brand affinity, and ultimately bringing your customer closer to a purchase decision.

4. Video is easy to consume

A major benefit of video is that is so easy to consume. Unless a customer is already committed to your brand, they are not going to read through paragraphs of text to find out about your product. But hitting your customers’ social feeds with an engaging video is a different story. If you can break through to customers on their commute with a snappy message that stands out on their newsfeed, then you’ve taken an important step towards bringing in new business.

5. Video drives action

Research shows that when used effectively, video drives action. Whether you’re after lead generation, enquiries, or instant sales, a good video with a strong call to action makes your customers more likely to engage with you in the way you want.

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