Creating easy to understand solutions for renewable energy

We were approached by a company called Tidal Sails based in Norway to help them explain their renewable energy technology. Their ground-breaking technology in extracting kinetic energy from slow moving currents, is providing a new wave of sustainable energy. We created a highly realistic, 3D animation for them, to show off their tidal energy offering and how it works in comparison to its less effective competitors.

Turning words into visuals

The brief was to create a highly realistic 3D animation, to show off their offering and how it works in comparison to its less effective competitors. The storyboarding process allows us to visualise how the script and visual elements work together effectively to achieve the required message.

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The scenery and camera panning give scale and a sense of movement within the video, mimicking the flow of the environment that the Tidal Sails system is used within. This, along with carefully selected music and professional yet friendly voiceover, perfectly portrays the Tidal Sails brand. 

I find Animated Technologies competent, creative, listening, diligent and pleasurable to work with! We are very pleased with the result, and have received several compliments for the animations.
Are Børgesen
Founder Tidal Sails AS (Norway)

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