Space rocket launching of boat animated video

Satellite Animation

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We created a 3D satellite animation and rocket launch to attract investors for an ambitious UK based space technology company called Black Arrow Space Technologies.

How the Space industry is changing?

The use of satellite communications has been limited to fixed uses; for example, direct-to-home (DTH) applications like satellite television and the use of satellite for mobile communications has been limited. The size, cost and complexity of these systems have severely stifled the adoption of satellite for mobile applications. 

Ship with rocket launch animation image

The satellite industry are witnessing significant changes that will dramatically change the way the world communicates. First, satellites are getting smaller. This means satellites are less expensive to build and more can be launched on a single rocket. Rocket launches are increasingly cost-effective. The advent of reusable rockets is a cost-saving revolution. Lower launch costs and lower cost satellites are leading to more satellite launches. This means there will be even more communications capacity available via satellite.

Why does it matter?

With so many people spending most of their time in urban centres in the world, it is easy to forget that a smartphone doesn’t equal connectivity. Despite all the places we are connected, 60% of the earth’s population still doesn’t have access to any form of high-speed internet.

Black Arrow Seabourne Rocket Launch

Space rocket launching of boat animated video

Black Arrow Space Technologies will launch payloads of up to 500Kg into Polar Low Earth Orbit, or up to 300Kg into Sun Synchronous Orbit, from a unique seaborne launch vessel 

We loved working with Black Arrow on their animation video. The space industry is an exciting and fast growing industry. We look forward to working on projects like this in the future.

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