Antifriction Components offers help to manufacturing clients to streamline and maintain their production areas. They came to us wanting an animated explainer video that could be used as a marketing tool to promote their services.

Helping clients see the need of their service by visually highlighting problems they could face

To help clients see the need for Antifriction’s services we needed to get them to recognise that there are problems within their company that could cost them time and money, and therefore need to be fixed.

To achieve this, we created a 2D animated isometric style explainer video that would highlight the problems clients face and solutions Antifriction’s service delivers. We combined this with a voice over so the visuals could be kept simple and easy to follow, whilst the voice over explained in more detail the ins and outs of their services. 

This isometric style remains 2D however gives a sense of depth and environment to the animation, this is because this style creates a visual representation of a 3D object in 2D.

This style of 2D animation could easily be merged with their brand’s visuals to create a comprehensive animated video that seamlessly fitted into their brand’s aesthetics. Not only does this look visually pleasing but it reinforces the brand's identity, making it more recognisable to customers.

B2B animation specialists

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to create animations that are not only a versatile marketing tool for your business but also drives home your desired message in a memorable way. 

We specialise in B2B, creating bespoke corporate animations, explainer videos and product animations, all of which are an essential tool for successfully marketing your business. 

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