IDS collect and process real time data to enable manual processes on rigs to be made more efficient and automated by up to 90%.

Creating animations for a technical audience

The audience for the animation already has a level of technical knowledge of these systems, and therefore we could include more details about the inner workings of the automation software. This paired with the simplistic and striking illustrations, helps to portray the clear message of how IDS have designed their systems to work together.

We developed the styling for this compliant with the IDS branding, pushing it further for a highly contemporary feel in keeping with their website. It is important when creating animations in this style for them to effectively reflect the brand they are representing, showcasing all they have to offer. Engaging visuals will always draw interest, and retain concentration to ensure maximum absorption of the information.

Our processes and collaboration with IDS’ technical team, ensured their message was clear and accurate. We always stay in clear communication with our clients throughout our projects, keeping them up to date on the project progress and confirming their technical specifications are being adhered to. 

Contact us to today, and explain your service through animation.

Animated corporate videos

By specialising in companies working in the B2B sector we have years of experience in creating compelling animations that drive your company’s message home. We can use your brand’s existing visual assets to create bespoke animations that fit seamlessly into your brand or help you develop your visual identity if you need.

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