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Menai Science Park (M-Sparc) works with Bangor University and local businesses to improve the North Wales economy. They offered a broad range of services to businesses and those in the local community. However, because they offer such a range within their company, they were struggling to communicate all of these elements to people.

Preventing customers from getting overwhelmed 

Like many businesses, M-Sparc has many elements and services that join to create the business: they support digital advancements, support low carbon initiatives, foster collaboration in the industry and are heavily involved in the research and development of science and technology. However, they were struggling to communicate all these elements to people without overwhelming them with an overload of information and text.

People remember more when they’ve seen what they’ve read. The correct combination of text and visuals help customers remember brands and what they offer. For M-Sparc we combined easy to follow visuals with the key features of the business. When these two elements were united, the 2D animation we made for them created a visually striking and easy to follow video that could not only be used for social media and their website, but for exhibitions and other digital marketing too.

Creating seamless branding through animation

M-Sparc has distinctive branding that makes them memorable and recognisable. It was important that the explainer animation we created for them also reflected this visual identity. 

To achieve this we used a limited colour palette from their logo and used block colouring to create distinction between the visuals. This created an eye catching effect that we know will get people’s attention at events like exhibitions. 

By having an animated video that reflects their branding, M-Sparc are able to use their video across a wide range of platforms, building their brand image and visibility.

Animated corporate videos

By specialising in companies working in the B2B sector we have years of experience in creating compelling animations that drive your company’s message home. We can use your brand’s existing visual assets to create bespoke animations that fit seamlessly into your brand or help you develop your visual identity if you need.

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