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Tom and Anna created really innovative animations to showcase our products and bring our technical cash handling devices to life!

The team are very knowledgeable and helpful. Their video animations are the perfect way for us to demonstrate our new products to a worldwide audience and they always produce results.

Our products are quite technically advanced with a lot of complex scientific and engineering functions but the animations allow us to outline the various features and benefits of our products in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.


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Quick Case Study is a new type of lending company that launched in 2018. 

To compliment their company launch materials they commissioned Animated Technologies to create a series of 2D explainer videos for them.

We produced a modulur video that with sections that could be interchanged. Bringing a flexible and unique style to their marketing output.

Modulated videos allowed them to apply a different edit for each target, swapping and changing out scenes as required. 

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For a real impact, better customer connections and more memorable campaigns it’s unbeatable.

Animated video marketing
Start with a Strategy Finish with Success
Every journey starts with the first step, we offer a free consultation to help focus in on your goals and plant some idea seeds.

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