Video Marketing Benefits

Video Marketing Benefits

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Video marketing has grown massively over the past five years, and it continues to grow. With the rise of mobile and social video, it seems like there is no end to the amount of video we consume on our devices. Cisco has predicted that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021.

With online video becoming an ever more popular medium, many companies have found that video content helps them to meet the demands of their customers and to grow their business. Research shows that 87% of marketers plan to use video in 2019, and the consensus is that video marketing will continue to grow in the years to come.

There are some great benefits to using video marketing for business, but before we dive in, let’s put things in context and take a quick look at the growth of video marketing over the last five years.

Video Marketing

Why Use Video Marketing in 2019?

If you’re delving into video marketing for the first time, it won’t take you long to realise that there is a lot of hype around video. There are a lot of statistics floating around which highlight the growth of video. Endless marketing websites will tell you about the massive number of marketers who use video, intend to use it more, and will carry on investing more and more in it.

There is truth beneath the hype. But the mere fact that video is growing doesn’t help you. Yes, more people are watching more video. But the fact the more marketers are using video means that the marketplace is increasingly crowded as brands compete for people’s attention. What’s important now is creating the right sort of video for your audience. The important thing is that your product and marketing materials cut through in your market. This means that a video strategy is more important than ever.

Many different types of video content are being used today, and it’s important to understand which will benefit your business the most. Product videos, social media videos, and explainer videos are some of the main types of video used. However, a growing number of companies create webinar videos, educational videos, video interviews, vlogs, and other types of video content.

With this in mind, let’s get stuck into some of the benefits of video marketing. These 6 points demonstrate why video marketing is so powerful.

Video Marekting elements

Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

The benefits of video marketing are many, and are backed up by a growing body of research and statistics. While more and more businesses are using video to reach their customers, there are still so many opportunities to differentiate yourself with effective video content. So let’s dive in and see why it is exactly that marketers are continuing to invest in video to grow their business.

1. Video increases conversions

One of the primary benefits of video marketing is that it has been shown to increase online conversions. An oft-cited study by EyeViewDigital found that video increased conversion by 80%. Impactbnd claim that the number of businesses using video on landing pages increased from 49% to 60% in 2018.

When used effectively, a video embedded on a landing page enables companies to build brand trust and affinity, which is key to driving conversion. Video enables you to get across a large amount of rich information in a small space of time, helping you to drive customers towards a purchase decision.

2. Video gets your message across more effectively

The simple truth is that people are sometimes too lazy to read, and for that reason, having video content instantly makes your brand more appealing and accessible. By combining text, visuals, animation, and even sound, you increase the chances of your audience understanding and retaining your key messages.

A study by HubSpot found that a remarkable 68% of people prefer to learn about a new product via video. This is why video marketing is so effective. If you want to make your message easy for potential customers to digest, then it makes sense to offer them content in the format that they want. Learn more about how Animated Technologies’ powerful and effective explainer videos and product launch videos to promote new products.

3. Video helps small to medium-sized businesses

The relatively low entry cost for video marketing means that small and medium-sized businesses can outdo their larger competitors on video. Although the marketplace is becoming more crowded, the fact remains that many small businesses are making their presence felt through social media video, as well as YouTube and via Google video searches.

In the few remaining industries where video has been slower to catch on, there exists an even greater opportunity to stand out. If your competitors haven’t started using video yet, start now to give you the edge.

4. Your competitors use video

Unless you’re lucky to be in a relatively uncompetitive niche, your competitors are almost definitely using video. If your competitors are creating video but you’re not, then there’s a chance that they will have the edge on you, just by the mere fact that they are getting their message out on that channel.

Once you’re in the video game, it’s important that you differentiate yourself with stand-out, superior quality video that provides value to your customers. The best sort of video content should be concise, information-rich, and visually striking.

5. Video makes you more visible across Google services

Simply whacking a video on the internet won’t revolutionise your SEO, but if you use video to target key search terms, it can have a massive impact for your discoverability on YouTube and on Google video searches. Video SEO is something that very few marketers have really mastered, and a huge opportunity exists for brands who are able to leverage it.

According to Impactbnd, 86% of businesses use video on their website. For businesses who have effectively optimised their videos, they drive significant traffic. With Google now featuring video above other results for certain search terms, there are some incredible opportunities for video SEO.

Video reaching larger audiences

6. Video makes you more visible on social media

If your customers are like almost everyone else in the world, then they use social media. Using social video combined with a strong targeting strategy such as remarketing can enable you to build increased brand exposure, trust, and increased conversions. According to Impactbnd, 77% of businesses now use social video.

Social video is just as important for B2B companies. Over the past couple of years, LinkedIn has massively increased the exposure it gives to video on user’s timelines, making it easier than ever for you to cut-through with B2B social video marketing.

The Importance of Video in Marketing

Online video has become a key channel for marketers to reach their audiences. It enables brands to demonstrate relevance, to educate and inform prospects about key messages, and increase brand exposure. Research shows that customers use video to help them make purchase decisions. It also shows that when used effectively, video on landing pages can increase conversion rate.

Animated Marketing Videos for Business

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