video marketing strategy for a new product

Video Marketing Strategy for a New Product

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Launching a new product is riddled with challenges, so it’s vital that you have a strong marketing strategy in place. At Animated Technologies, we’ve seen that having a roadmap is key to helping you navigate the unknown territories of a new product launch.

In this short video, Anna outlines how we work with our clients to put a video marketing strategy together to launch new products into the market. The full transcript is below.

Hiya, it’s Anna from Animated Technologies.

I just wanted to have a quick chat and explain the processes that we go through at Animated Technologies and how we work.

So, we obviously make contact with our client, or they contact us. And then the next step in that process is what we call a roadmap meeting. So for that roadmap meeting is a paid-for consultation, an during it we would discuss exactly what you need, what you think you need, what your unique selling points are, what your key message is, and values you wanna get through. If it’s a product, then we’d like to find out as much as we can on how that product works.

We’d come to your offices, you know if it’s some technical sort of piece of engineering. Then we would really get stuck in, take loads of videos. How does the product work? We try, you know, to get a full understanding of how it works and the processes.

We then take all that information back, and we streamline it and compile it into a report. That report will highlight any market research, the target market that you need the videos to go to, any key points you wanna highlight, and we give you an idea, our breakdown of how best to do that with the video content. So, it might be a main sort of hero video on your website, and then shorter videos for social media. Or even if you find yourself with new product, and you need videos to pitch with then we can create content to help you pitch and find funding specific to whoever you’re pitching to.

So, we disseminate all that information to this report, and give you a clear visualization on how we see the video content going. It’ll be like a bullet point of how we see the video running through. So, like a storyboard but with no pictures. And then from that you get an idea of roughly what it’s gonna look like, what are the styles gonna be like, what we advise the video content to be like, and how many videos etc, and we give you a clear report showing all of that and all the prices so it’s all transparent.

So, you can go right let’s do it all, or let’s do A, B, and C, or can’t quite do D at the moment, we’ll do that later. It’s really sort of a clear, transparent, full detailed report on what you’d need for your video content or your video marketing strategy. So, that’s what we do, we do that full report, and then hopefully you’d be so wowed by it then that you’d come on board, and you’ve seen the work we’ve done previously nor the lovely testimonials from previous clients, and then we’d start having a journey together.

So, if that does sound interesting, and you’d like to know more then just get in contact with me through LinkedIn or email (or through our website). Okay, thank you, bye!

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