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Creative solutions for innovative companies

We are Animated Technologies, a digital agency that creates engaging animations and immersive interactive applications.

Storytelling and creativity is the driving force behind all of our projects, and our lovely team has all the skills needed to make it work and look amazing too.

Whether it’s a captivating animation to explain your ground breaking product, an immersive virtual reality training experience, or an app to guide people around a historical town - AT have you covered.
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Augmented reality

Where virtual meets the real world. Give your customers a transformative experience, where digital content can interact with their surroundings in real time. Allow your customers to envision the scale and functionality of your product or idea, in their own environment,  in their own time.
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Animated Technologies | Training applications

virtual reality

Immerse yourself in digital, with virtual reality. A technology with the highest projected growth, with vast potential for remote training and product visualisations. When something is too expensive or hazardous to do in reality, the virtual world is the answer, and we can create it for you.


By specialising in companies working in the B2B sector we have years of experience in creating compelling animations that drive your company’s message home. We can use your brand’s existing visual assets to create bespoke animations that fit seamlessly into your brand or help you develop your visual identity if you need.
Animated Technologies | 3D animation
Animated Technologies | 2D animation
Animated Technologies | Video

video editing

Combine with animation or use alone - we can help. Nothing connects with your audience like video, and it’s a great tool to solidify your messaging. Combining footage manipulation and effects, paired with engaging voiceover and music can help you get the most out of your video content.


Have a plan that you need to make a reality? We can work with you to bring your concepts to life through CGI. We can work from descriptions, rough visual references, technical drawings and plans to create hyper realistic looking products or highly imaginative environments.  Combine lighting, texture and special effects to create stunning imagery for you to utilise throughout your brand. 
Animated Technologies | CGI
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We used Animated Technologies to do our induction video at Crest Co-operative and the final product is absolutely amazing. The AT team were very friendly and approachable and cared a lot about the product they were working on. Would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to work with talented and local team to do animated videos!
John Harper | volunteer co-ordinator, Crest Co-operative
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I find Animated Technologies competent, creative, listening, diligent and pleasurable to work with!We are very pleased with the result, and have received several compliments for the animations.
Are Børgesen | Founder, Tidal Sails AS (Norway)
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