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Animated Technologies | Augmented reality - Product showcases

Product Showcases

Our applications can immerse your customers in your technology, by connecting with real life environments and products. Applications that show your product range in an interactive and immersive way. Allow customers and contractors to see features in depth visually and get a real feel for the product. Use on multiple mobile devices, for one of the most accessible virtual experiences.

Experiential Marketing

Create a memorable experience for your customers but utilising digital assets and models to engage and excite. We utilise web based applications to allow users to interact with printed materials, this way, there is no need to download other applications, the experience is all accessed from the browser. 
Animated Technologies | Augmented reality - Experiential marketing
Animated Technologies | Augmented reality - IPS trails

Interactive GPS Trails

Follow a trail with augmented reality points of interest, which allows users to interact with their surroundings, unlocking knowledge and collecting points to share with their friends and family.
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