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3D Product Animation

3D (three-dimensional) product animation is a fantastic way to reach your target audience. Not only does it offer products with a more appealing appearance, but 3D animations give the viewer an idea of what they're purchasing without having to touch them physically

3D animations and models help your product stand out in a crowded marketplace and can assist in breaking down any barriers preventing the purchasing decision. Especially when compared with traditional technical drawings; which can often lack three-dimensional depth and alienate the average consumer if too complex

What makes up a 3D model?

A previous post on the history and types of animation touches on how 3D animation works. However, before we get into the benefits of 3D product animation it’s important to understand the complexities of a 3Dmodel. 

3D animation involves the creation of a model consisting of a three-dimensional polygon mesh; constructed out of: edges, vertices, and faces.

A vertex (plural vertices) is one point on a 3D mesh where two faces meet.  you imagine the lines in a drawing as a series of dots, then one of these dots is comparable to a vertex.

Edges are created when you join two vertices. This works similarly to the connect the dots puzzles you may have played as a child.

Faces are then created when more than three edges join together to “close a loop”. These are sometimes also referred to as polygons.


All 3D models are comprised of these parts, however, they’re simply building blocks and can be used to create the “mesh” of pretty much anything; from creatures, to landscapes, to simple objects. This mesh can then be texture mapped; the process of creating a flat image which is then wrapped around the skeleton, to apply colours and finer details.

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Now you have the basic gist of what a 3D model is, it’s easy to imagine the limitless options available through 3D product animation.  

One of the benefits of 3D animation is that even parts of the model not visible to the “camera” still exist. As such, an overly complicated 3D model only has to be created once, then the rest of the time spent on the creation of a product animation video can focus on animating the model. After that, the narration of various shots - as well as demonstrations of the model’s moving parts - are easier to refine. 

This has obvious benefits for 3D product animation since the product should be the focus of your promotional video. As such, animating said product in 3D can often be quicker than tweaking 2Dframes, depending on the complexity of the 3D model and length of the video. 

Take something with internal parts not usually visible to the human eye without disassembly for example: a combustion engine. Once all parts of the model have been made the animator can take the "camera” inside the model; to show off how it works and how it is made.  

Alternatively, duplicates of the model can be made that expose different parts of it; such as an engine without the external casing. Or a model that has been “exploded” outwards to separate different pieces or areas of the product. 

3D animation is also beneficial for largescale products and engineering feats designed for environments that can be hostile to human life. A model jet engine would have to be created at fraction of the real-life scale to be displayed at a business convention. This makes any intricate moving parts more fragile and the overall display less powerful.  

Additionally, for products used in superheated climates, areas with high radiation, or even the deep sea; a 3D animation allows for the product to be demonstrated in a replicated environment. Something much more convenient than imitating the physics of an area, or testing a prototype product in these potentially dangerous environments.

The key benefits of 3D product animation

Now that you have an idea of the excellent ways 3D product animation can showcase your brand and products, let's examine some key benefits. Not only does 3D animation give a more accurate representation of the item, but 3-dimensional modelling can convey motion that static photos, or prototype technical drawings, cannot reproduce.  

These animated images allow viewers to get up close and personal with your goods in a way they never could before! Here are five of our top benefits for you to consider: 

  1. Better than a Picture, 3D animation allows you to showcase your product in action. We at Animated Technologies can create animations that show the exact scenarios where your product can solve customers' problems, with ease and precision.
  2. With the help of infographics - charts, diagrams and data that conveys information in an easy-to-follow manner - you can delve into complex topics and make them effortless to understand. Infographics also allow for an easier demonstration of key features which are not always fully explained in a text-based medium.
  3. There is also versatility across platforms that you may not get with other forms of media. Running a 3D animation is as simple as having the video available on a USB stick or digital cloud service, as these days most hardware has a built-in video playing software. This makes portable showcasing a breeze as it removes the need for any special programs.
  4. A 3D product animation can help your company's investors visualize the final outcome of their investment. By utilising a visual learning style with animated  demonstrations you’re that much closer to showing off your final product.
  5. It's far easier to see the awe and wonder of your product when it can be experienced in 3D. With this advanced technology, there are no limits to where or who sees what you're creating!

There is far more to 3D product animation than just the novelty of it: it's an integral part of contemporary marketing. Imagine the potential for your company, and what they create, if you took this innovative approach in developing and displaying new products!


To find out more information on how 3D animations can help drive sales feel free to contact our team here at Animated Technologies.

Ways to use your 3D Product Animation

So, you’ve had your product turned into a spectacular 3D product animation, now what? Well once we’ve collaborated on bringing your ideas to life through 3D animation there’s a lot you can do with the video. 

From landing pages to blog posts, it’s always a good idea to start any marketing campaign with your own website. This can be achieved by embedding your 3D product animation video directly onto a chosen webpage.  

Through the power of the internet prototyping and sharing design ideas on social media platforms is easier than ever before! It is now possible to share animations straight from your site or create an entire post around them. 

Once you have your animation on your website, it is time to promote it with social media. Product animations are versatile and can be used across different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Don't forget there are also dedicated platforms for video sharing and business ventures that you can share your animation on; YouTube, Vimeo, Kickstarter, or LinkedIn, for example. 

Being able to communicate your product effectively is one of the most important factors in the success of your product. 

Communicating a business idea well can be an advantage in many different scenarios, as well as with various stakeholders; such as customers and investors. For example, it is easier to gain adequate funding from any potential benefactors if they understand the goal you are trying to accomplish through your your investment. 

To learn more check out our post on how to promote a new product to customers.

3D Product Animation Case Study – Tidal Energy

The Norway based company Tidal Sales developed a renewable energy technology that generates electricity from tidal energy. They achieve this by using ground-breaking technology to harness the kinetic energy of slow-moving currents under the water’s surface.  

We assisted them by creating this 3D product animation that efficiently explains how it works! 

They wanted to show off their solution to some of the trickier aspects of renewable tidal energy, and how the product works in comparison to its less effective competitors. To do this we crafted a highly realistic 3D product animation with a professional, but friendly, voice-over and carefully selected music. 

Not only does the animation help show off the environmental benefits of this product, but it turns a potentially complex idea into an easy-to-understand concept. Through simple visuals and movement, potential clients instantly understand how the core benefits and features of the product work! 

Elements of the video such as displaying the Tidal Sails working at both high and low tide, with a graph overlay showing the time of day, means more information is shared quicker and competently. We also utilised a world map that allows investors and customers to instantly seek out if this product could be useful to them in their area. 

In addition, rather than just stating that Tidal Sails’ innovative new design is more efficient than previous tidal energy turbines, 3D product animation allows this to be demonstrated.  

Before you’re even shown the product, the video begins with a short explanation resulting in a traditionally designed tidal energy turbine failing over time. This sets up a problem that the 3Danimated video aims to solve by demonstrating the benefits of the new design, enticing investors by keeping their attention through the easy-to-follow visual medium.

Can we help bring your product idea to 3D reality?

Do you have an idea you’ve been sitting on with no idea how to bring it to life? Is your Kickstarter page lacking backers, or your spot on the business convention floor failing to bring in the attention your product deserves? If so it might be time to consider the many benefits of3D product animation.