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Animated corporate videos

Animated Technologies stands out as a leading developer of corporate digital content and corporate animation videos. We are passionate about your animation project, providing you with the best design possible for your message to reach its target audience in an effective way that stays true to your brand guidelines and aesthetics.

We believe that distinct corporate animated videos come from spending the time to truly get to know your brand and what you believe in. If you're looking to create a unique, memorable impression for your business with an animated video that will truly stand out from the competition and reinforce what your company is all about, we are certain that our team of experienced animators can deliver just as compelling result.

By specialising in companies working with B2B brands, we have years of experience creating compelling corporate animations that drive your company’s message home. We can use your brand's existing visual assets to create bespoke animations that fit seamlessly into your brand or help you develop a new look and feel for the future if you need.

Why animated corporate videos are
superior to other media

In today's world, most people are spending more time online consuming visual media and companies have had to adapt so that they can maximize their outreach. However, most of these adaptations focus on graphics or photos but not animation which is far superior in many ways. For example: it provides a filter for digital content; it brings entertainment into the home by creating immersive stories and experiences with high-quality sound & visuals, and there is no limit as to what you can do creatively using this medium!

Animated corporate videos give your company’s personality a chance to shine through like never before. They also keep audiences engaged and strengthen their sense of the brand over time, making it memorable and recognizable in any situation!

We created this corporate video for our previous client M-Sparc. They wanted a visually striking and easy to follow exhibition video, but they also needed it to be memorable to reinforce their brand's ethos and aesthetics. Why not give them one that does both? We made sure the final product was nothing short of stunning with cutting edge graphics paired with sleek typography. This way your audience will always go back to this piece as a reminder of what you offer

Scope of potential

Whether your video is being used internally or externally there is a wide variety of animated videos that we can help you achieve.

  • Brand videos show in a short and memorable way what your company and services are all about.
  • Animated explainer videos are easy to understand while still getting key messaging across to the desired audience.  
  • Marketing videos show off your services on your website or conferences with animation. 

However, these aren’t the only forms out there. If you’re interested in finding more and how we can best reflect your brand, get in touch with the team today. With over 20 years of experience in animated corporate videos and product animation, you’ll be in safe hands.

Email us at hello@animatedtechnologies.co.uk