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5 influential technical product animations that make an impact

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We’ve spoken before about the benefits of 3D product animation, that it’s a versatile way to show off key features of your product and explain exactly how it is going to solve the problems of your customers.

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We’ve spoken before about the benefits of 3D product animation, that it’s a versatile way to show off key features of your product and explain exactly how it is going to solve the problems of your customers.

Animation isn’t limited by real-world constraints and it lets you showcase your product in the environment you designed it for, whether that’s deep underwater or up in space. It’s also great for products that are in development and aren’t quite ready to be made but still need to be showcased to potential investors.

Good product animation is both engaging and informative, they can be easily shared across platforms and ensure the value of your product is at the core of the message.

But if you’re still unsure about animation then check out these five incredible product animations and see if they change your mind. We’ve selected a range of animation styles to give you a better scope of what animated product videos are capable of.

<h3-richtext>United Solar<h3-richtext>

By utilising 2D animation, easy to listen to voice over and an eye-catching colour pallet, the product animation created for United Solar clearly explains the businesses services and what they offer to their customer.

It highlights their key features, what makes them unique as a business and shows on screen how those who are interested can get in contact with them.

<h3-richtext>Tidal Sails<h3-richtext>

Tidal sales are a complex technical product within the renewable energy industry. The products location makes it next to impossible to capture using traditional video when it’s in use thanks to its location underwater with racing currents. However, this is where animation comes in.

By creating a 3D product animation, it was possible to show the product in action, letting potential customers the ability to see exactly how it worked and how it was going to save them money.

<h3-richtext>Wacom Inkling<h3-richtext>

The product animation for the Wacom Inkling is a perfect example of just how flexible animation as a medium can be.

The animation featured multiple styles such as 3D animation and 2D animation with a stop motion like quality. The seamless combination of these animation styles creates an enjoyable product animation that leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

<h3-richtext>Spectral NV 200<h3-richtext>

Very often when you look at a technical product the key features are not visible at first glance, this is very much the case for the Spectral NV 200.

The 3D animation allowed the inner workings of the product to be shown, something that simply wouldn’t have been possible with video. The ability to see the inner workings of the product creates a better understanding of what it can do and how it will solve the problems of those who have it.


It’s also important that with technical products you don’t overwhelm the viewer with information they might not understand or need.

The product animation for Q-Power left the intricate details of their product and how it worked out of the video. Instead, they focused on the benefits Q-Power would give to those using it. This enabled the animation to be even more versatile as it could be used on a range of platforms with a range of viewers who all had different technical knowledge levels

<h3-richtext>Wrapping it all up<h3-richtext>

Product animation is a robust tool that businesses can use to showcase their products or services to a range of individuals. It allows products to be viewed in the optimum environment and in locations video simply wouldn’t be able to do.

The range of animation styles that can be used means that no matter your product or service, it can be shown through animation.

Here at Animated Technologies, we have over 20 years of experience creating outstanding product animations. We’re a digital agency that believes in partnership and innovation.

If you want to find out how we can help you create a product animation that helps your business achieve its goals then please get in touch with us today.