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Here at Animated Technologies, we understand just how important it is to communicate your messaging to your target audience whilst staying true to your brand’s guidelines and aesthetics.

We believe that distinct corporate animated videos come from spending the time to truly get to know your brand and what you believe in. Working in partnership with your technical teams we create custom animations that not only make you stand out from your competitors but reinforce your visual identity.

By specialising in companies working in the B2B sector we have years of experience in creating compelling animations that drive your company’s message home. We can use your brand’s existing visual assets to create bespoke animations that fit seamlessly into your brand or help you develop your visual identity if you need.

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<h2-richtext>Why animated corporate videos are superior to other media<h2-richtext>

Every day people are spending more time online consuming visual media and companies have had to adapt to this to maximise their outreach. However, most companies focus on visual media such as graphics and photos, and whilst these have their place, the animation is far superior.

Animated corporate videos allow your company's personality to shine through far more than a static graphic or photo allows. Not only does this keep your audience engaged, but it also strengthens your brand’s identity, making it memorable and recognisable over time.

We created an explainer video for one of our previous clients, M-Sparc, that not only was a visually striking and easy to follow exhibition video, but also an engaging and memorable way to reinforce their brand's ethos and aesthetics.

<h2-richtext>Scope of potential<h2-richtext>

Whether your video is being used internally or externally there is a wide variety of animated videos that we can help you achieve.

  • Brand videos show in a short and memorable way what your company and services are all about.
  • Animated explainer videos are easy to understand while still getting key messaging across to the desired audience.  
  • Marketing videos show off your services on your website or conferences with animation. 

However, these aren’t the only forms out there. If you’re interested in finding more and how we can best reflect your brand, get in touch with the team today. With over 20 years of experience in animated corporate videos and product animation, you’ll be in safe hands.

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