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Animations for engineering companies

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We understand how difficult it can be to explain your complex engineering product to potential investors and clients, especially if there’s a large jump in the level of technicality in your product. Through our 20 years of experience in animation, video marketing and technical product launches, we’ve helped dozens of clients by creating impactful explainer videos and digital content. You’ll be in safe hands with specialists in complex marketing communications.

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<h3-richtext>Get your message across<h3-richtext>

After investing time and money in engineering elegant solutions for complicated products you need a way for your product to reach its target audience. But promoting these solutions in a crowded marketplace is becoming more difficult than ever with market saturation. Standing out from your competitors has never been more important.

Time and time again we’ve seen that video is a great medium to communicate complex messages clearly and simply, and our engineering clients have found the same.

By getting to know your product and your customers, we can create the right content that will complement your sales and marketing strategies. Combining our expertise in product launches and video marketing, we create engineering animations and interactive applications to help you reach new customers and bring in new business.

<h3-richtext>Flexible animations for target campaigns<h3-richtext>

Animation is a flexible medium, and we like to think we’re the same.

We make animations that can also be divided into several smaller videos for targeted campaigns. The main video can be used to showcase your product in-depth at events like exhibitions, then several shorter videos taken from it highlighting different key points of the product can be used so you can target specific parts of your product to the appropriate target audience.

This is exactly what we did for Air Cycle Technology, an engineering company that manufactures high-performance turbochargers and cooling systems in car engines. We created a full-length explainer-style technical animation that was able to be divided into four bite-sized videos, all with different clientele in mind.

Whether you’re looking for your complex engineering product to be simple, but comprehensively, explained to potential investors or you’re wanting to showcase your product in a dynamic and flexible way, we can create bespoke animations to help your product achieve its potential. Contact the team today and see how we can help you.