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How animated explainer videos drive businesses forward

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What is an animated explainer video?

Quite simply, an animated explainer video is a short video that explains something to its audience. There are no limitations of the topic they can cover so they can be used diversely in businesses. Very often you’ll see them being used internally to strengthen internal comms or externally to help potential customers understand what your product or service does. 

Using animated explainer videos both internal and externally can help your business develop, however, for the purpose of this post we’ll be discussing how explainer videos used on external customers can help drive your business forward and gain more sales. 

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<h2-richtext>Why do animated explainer videos work?<h2-richtext>

Explainer videos offer something more to potential customers than a brochure or website page with a wall of text. It combines visuals, carefully used text and audio to create an experience that not only explains your product or service but helps create a positive, memorable impression of your business. 

Audio eliminates the risk of skim reading and allows your product or service to be explained in detail over a short period. The audio is paired with visual cues in the video further solidifies a person’s understanding of what they’re listening to. 

When we make animated explainer videos we take the time to ensure the animation fits seamlessly into your branding. So not only are people learning about your product or services, but they’re learning about it in a clear manner all whilst remembering your brand identity. In the long run, they will have a stronger association with your branding over your competition and will be more likely to think of your business when they need your product or services. 

<h2-richtext>How examiner videos can help your business<h2-richtext>

  1. They tell people what your product does - The most important thing explainer videos do is help potential customers understand exactly how your product or service is going to solve their problems. Instead of just telling them how your product will help them you can show them through the video. This breaks down any misunderstanding and leads to more sales.

  1. The way it’s presented to people helps with information retention - As mentioned before, people are far more likely to remember your product and business when engaging visuals and audio are combined in a video. Even if a potential customer isn’t going to purchase from you that day they will still remember who you are and what you offer. When they’re ready to make that purchasing decision your business will already be in their mind and not your competitor.  

  1. You can show off your brand’s personality - It’s challenging to convey your brand’s personality through text alone. However, through animation who your brand is can easily shine through. It allows your business to feel less like faceless cooperation and someone customers can trust. 

  1. They generate more interest- 72% of customers have said that they’d rather learn about a product through video. It’s clear to see that people’s buying habits are changing and video is the preferred medium of learning about what a product is and how it can help customers. Don’t miss out on sales by not adapting to your customers wants and needs. 

  1. They’re a professional element to incorporate into your business’s pitch - Moving away from potential customers and focusing on potential investors, animated explainer videos can help you secure investments. Having an explainer video to show potential investors not only feel professional but it also breaks things up. It adds a new element into the mix that can recapture peoples attention. 

These five ways animated explainer videos can drive your business forward are only the start. If you’d like to have a more in-depth look into how an explainer video can help your business then contact our team today. We’ll be able to guide your business and help it achieve its goals.