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How animated videos can elevate your virtual event

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The rise of virtual events

The past year has come with many challenges for organisations, but amongst the hard times, there has also been growth and development within all industries. No longer being able to meet in person, businesses had to adapt and in doing so, we saw one of the most notable online developments -the rise of virtual events.

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Whilst transitioning to online events and conferences was a learning curve, the benefits of these events quickly became apparent. People were no longer restricted by factors such as location, allowing people globally to attend events they weren’t able to access previously.

Now that restrictions are easing, it’s clear to see that virtual events and conferences are here to stay.

When the world first went virtual, everyone was a novice at i. Nobody was expecting smooth sailing, and an event that solely consisted of a PowerPoint could easily be excused. However, now that we’ve had over a year of practice, those beginner approaches and mistakes can no longer be overlooked.

In this post, we will be sharing with you one of the most underrated, but beneficial, ways to elevate your virtual event, and that animation. We’ll also be exploring how it can not only keep the attention of your online guests, but also promote your services or product in the process.

<h3-richtext>Why animation?<h3-richtext>

Animation is often wrongly overlooked due to the misconception that it’ll turn serious topics cartoonish; however, this simply isn’t the case for modern-day animation.

Animation is able to convey serious messages in a professional environment, as well as being able to adapt to provide engaging entertainment adding to the memorability of the topic at hand.

Another strength of animation, one that is especially relevant to virtual events, is that it adds variety to your digital media.

<h3-richtext>How animation can be incorporated into your virtual event<h3-richtext>

Content is key, but keeping your audience engaged throughout your whole event starts with the visuals and branding. People often find viewing media that doesn’t have consistent branding disjointing, distracting them from what you have to say.

Anyone can create visuals for their event but if you’re really wanting to keep the attention of those attending, whilst creating a memorable experience, then animation is the way to go.

Here are just a few examples of how you can incorporate an animated video into your event or conference:

  • Intervals - Never waste another moment during your event by having an animated video to play during intervals. When it’s time for your scheduled break, give your guests something to watch when they get back to their laptops. Whether you’re wanting to tell them a bit more about your organisation, promote your services or simply say thank you for attending, animation creates entertainment during these times.
  • Make dry topics interesting - If you have a topic you’re covering that you know isn’t the most exciting to get through, don’t subject your guests to death by PowerPoint. Instead, give them something engaging to watch. With a wide range of techniques available, animated videos can turn even the driest topics into inviting videos.
  • Visualise hard to understand topics - During conferences and events, you may be discussing difficult to visualise topics. You may be talking about complex technical products or a digital service that you can’t easily show to people. Try as you might, words might not always be the best approach in explaining these topics. Animation can highlight key points and make the complex understandable to a wide range of audiences.

Of course, these are only a few examples, in reality, there are far more. An animated video isn’t a single-use media either, it can be used in your next event and the event after that. It can be used as many times as you need.

If you’re interested in learning more about how animation can elevate your virtual event then contact the team today.