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Life at an animation studio as a student copywriter

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Hello there, I’m Arabella

And for the past four months, I’ve been the person behind the keyboard for many of the blog posts you’ve seen here on the Animated Technologies website.

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I’m a student at the local Bangor University and over the summer period, I’ve been working as a junior copywriter here at Animated technologies. As my final week here came to an end, I wanted to share with you what life is like working at an animation studio as a student copywriter

My days always start the same way, get a hot drink and settle down at my desk. I always get to touch base at 10 am with everyone at our Scrum meetings where we all came together (me virtually) to go over what we had planned that day. It’s nice to be able to hear what everyone else is working on and it’s a great time to ask any questions I might have so I’m on the same page as everyone else.

If I had any work I was continuing on from the day before I’d crack on with that before the meeting but if I was starting fresh that day, I’d spend the hour before it getting a plan of action together and making a start on any research I felt I might have to do for the tasks for the day.

I have to say my commute to work has been amazing, it’s about 4 steps from my bed. The combination of government restrictions and the flexibility of the rest of the team resulted in me being a remote worker for my time here at Animated Technologies. It’s something I’ve been incredibly grateful for as it allowed me to carry on my work with them when I moved back home after my university classes had finished.

Most of my day is spent researching whatever topic I’m writing about that day. The majority of our blog posts have been educational and informative in theme, so it’s been imperative that all my information and knowledge on the chosen subject is up to date and correct.

I’ve also been able to work on writing a lot of the text you see on our website, as well as hopping over to social media every now and then and writing the captions. Even though what I’ve been writing for these tasks isn’t designed to educate the reader in the same way a blog post might, I still spend a good chunk of time researching and brushing up my knowledge. Social media is always changing its algorithms and new SEO tricks are forever popping up. It’s good to keep up to date and informed.

By the time lunch is approaching I have a pretty good idea of the content that’s going into my writing that day and how I want to structure things. So, before lunch, I write up a quick draft in a document that covers key points and the structure.

As I work from home it was always super important that I got away from my desk during my lunch break. It would give me a chance to come back to my draft with a fresh mind, meaning I could spot any edits I wanted to do to the structure of the post before I started fleshing it out with text.

The rest of the day is spent collecting my notes and turning them into a comprehensive piece of writing. I also make sure to regularly email or virtual meetings with people to make sure that I’m on the right track. Even though I’m not in the office with everyone else I never feel like I’m on my own or left to my own devices.

By the end of the day, I would have ticked off everything on my to-do list for that day and either emailed the final documents over or uploaded them to a communal location.

Whilst my days hold the same routines, no two days of work have been quite the same. My role has been so varied and diverse, meaning I’ve never been bored. The rest of the team at Animated technologies have been so wonderful and supportive throughout.

My time here at Animated Technologies has been filled with positive takeaways and has helped me gain experience in my chosen field and helped me clarify my career path as my graduation date looms ever closer.

I’m really going to miss it!

Plenty of coffee, a diverse workload and a super friendly team has really help.