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Renewable energy animations

3D animations
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As technical products within the renewable energy industry become ever more complex the knowledge gap between engineers, clients and investors are growing, creating unnecessary barriers that can slow down or stop important business deals.

Renewable energy solutions can often be difficult to explain to a range of clientele with a varying degree of technological knowledge. However, just because they can be difficult to explain, doesn’t mean they have to be.

Animated explainer videos that showcase complex technical products are a simple way to break down these barriers and lessen the gap between businesses and clients.

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The impact of 3D Technical Animations

As the industry evolves so do your business strategies. In meetings, the verbal discussion is a necessity but it can be elevated by taking a visual approach. With a companioning animation, stakeholders can see your product in action, demonstrating how it can solve their problems.

The likes of geothermal or tidal energy solutions are a challenge to show to your clients due to locational and size constraints. However, we don’t believe this should stop your product from reaching its full potential.

Animated Technologies specialises in digital creative solutions for innovative companies within the renewable energy industry. By researching your target market and understanding what your digital content is for we create an explainer video to help you make those difficult technical sales or find investment.

Technical Animation case study - Tidal Sails

Animated explainer videos give you full control of how much technical information you want to present to your client, and you’re not restricted to just one video either.

We created a 3D explainer animation for Tidal Sails, demonstrating how their technology can make effective use of the tide to generate sustainable energy. From there we created several individual videos. These delved deeper into various technical aspects of the product, such as its UPS and information on how their product excelled against their competitors.

Having several technical animations enabled Tidal Sails to use different videos depending on their client’s needs, instilling confidence in the company’s product without overwhelming them with the information they may not be able to understand.

This is just one of the many ways 3D technical animations can be used to take your business to the next level and help your complex product connect with its target audience. If you want to find out more, contact our team today and take the next step in your business.