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SAAS animation explainer videos

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Your clients first and centre want to know how your software can help them, something that can be difficult to achieve as they may not always have the insider technological knowledge to fully understand your service.

That’s where we come in, by creating SaaS Animation (Software as a Service) explainer videos. We use an approach of research first and understanding, to seek out what your clients need to know and what makes your service different. From there we can build a story to create an emotive and effective saas animation that clearly explains what your software can do for them.

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<h2-richtext>Benefits of SaaS Animation explainer videos<h2-richtext>

There are many benefits to using a saas animation explainer video to showcase your service, but here are our top three benefits.

Demonstrate functionality - Animation is a flexible and versatile medium that enables you to demonstrate to your potential clients exactly how your software is going to solve their problems.

Choose what your clients see- Animation gives you the flexibility to choose what features of your product you highlight, ensuring that your potential clients focus on the features you know will benefit them the most, instead of them getting caught up on the wrong details.

Answer commonly asked questions in a memorable way – Have the saas animation as a standalone feature on your website or incorporate it into your sales pitch. No matter how you use it, saas animation explainer videos allow you to answer your frequently asked questions, breaking down barriers that may stop new clients from using your service.

<h3-richtext>Case study – Cufflink<h3-richtext>

Like many of our SaaS clients, Cufflink uses technology that can be difficult for potential customers and investors, who may only have a basic knowledge of software technology, to understand. This creates a barrier between the company and clients that can hinder, slow down or even stop sales altogether.

To break down these barriers we created a 2D animated explainer video showing how the app created by Cufflink works with client data and security.

We were able to focus on the benefits their clients would receive from the app rather than the ins and outs of the technology used to do so, stopping their clients from being overloaded with information that may not have been immediately relevant for that initial sales pitch. We used the animation to convey their solution quickly and clearly to their clients’ problems, all whilst enhancing their brand.

If you want to find out more about how we can do the same for you, contact our team today and see how SaaS animated explainer videos can help drive sales for your business.