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Technical 3D Animation with Centrica

3D animations
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In the rapidly evolving energy sector, the ability to clearly communicate complex technical processes and infrastructure is vital. Technical 3D animations have emerged as a powerful tool for energy companies to explain, and market their technologies and services with a level of clarity and engagement that traditional methods can't match.

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3D Animations in Energy

The energy sector, with its intricate operations, often involves technology and processes that can be challenging to explain and visualise. Our 3D animations step in as a transformative solution. By creating detailed, accurate, and engaging visual representations, companies can better communicate with stakeholders, enhance training, and market more effectively.

3D animations provide a dynamic way to showcase and explore the inner workings of complex systems without the physical or safety constraints of real-world tours. They also allow for the visualisation of processes that are otherwise invisible or hard to understand, such as the flow of energy, underground operations, or molecular transformations.

Case Study: Centrica Energy Storage’s Rough Reservoir Animation

One standout example of how technical 3D animation can be utilised effectively within the energy sector is the project we developed for Centrica Energy Storage, focusing on their Rough Reservoir storage facility.

Centrica needed to showcase the transformation of their infrastructure to incorporate hydrogen storage and offshore wind energy. The main challenge was to depict the complex process of hydrogen storage in a way that was both technically accurate and easily understandable.

At Animated Technology, we collaborated closely with Centrica to ensure that every aspect of the animation was meticulously planned and executed.

Following the brief from Centrica, the team began work on the storyboard and scripts. Once signed off by Centrica, our lead animator Matt, utilised advanced rendering techniques to create realistic textures and lighting. By creating a hyper-realistic animation, and using a combination of aerial and underground views, the animation illustrated the layered structure of the storage facility. The final product accurately guided viewers through the change in systems will help contribute to our net zero future. Watch the full animation below!

The Centrica Energy Storage project demonstrates how 3D animations can transform technical communication within the energy sector. By making complex processes easily understandable and visually engaging, these animations not only enhance communication but also support better decision-making.

The animation helped Centrica effectively communicate the complex workings of the Rough reservoir to a diverse audience. We have gone on to develop an app, optimising and utilising the assets from the energy animation to create and interactive touchpoint for stakeholders and staff - its available to download from the app store and google play.

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