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If you’re getting blank looks when you try to explain your complex technical product to people, don’t worry we can help.

The problem businesses face as their products get more technologically advanced is that it gets harder to explain to new clients. Selling technical products creates a unique set of challenges and barriers that we understand and know how to help you overcome.

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Getting your client to see how your product is going to solve their problem is key. However, if they get overwhelmed by the complexity of it, they’re never going to see its potential. If clients can’t see the potential of your product or service, then they won’t have confidence to take that next step with your business. There is, however, a simple solution to this.

Technical animations help explain your product or service in a way that connects with and can be understood by your customers.

Animated Technologies specialise in technical animations that help explain products and services that are difficult for consumers to understand. We know the challenges you face when putting together marketing communications for complex technical products and will work alongside you to help you overcome them.

<h2-richtext>The versatility of technical animations<h2-richtext>

There is more to animation than just visually showcasing your technical product. Just like how you would adapt your messaging for different audiences, the same can be done with animation.

We created this 3D explainer animation for Tidal Sails, demonstrating how their technology can make effective use of the tide to generate sustainable energy.

From that video we then created numerous individual videos. These delved deeper into the unique selling point of their product, how their product excelled against their competitors and the technical elements of the system.

These videos were designed to contain different amounts of technical information to cater to a range of different audiences with different technical knowledge. This enabled Tidal Sails to use different videos depending on their client’s needs, instilling confidence in the company’s product without overwhelming them with information they may not be able to understand.

If you’re looking for a way to help your customers take that next step with your business, then contact our team today and see how a bespoke technical animation can help with that all important next step.