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The future of digital marketing - AR and interactive apps

AR/VR marketing
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When working remotely became a necessity and viewing products in person was traded to online viewing, the benefits of a fully digital approach in marketing came to light. Even as the world makes steps on going back to normal and when the pandemic becomes a distant memory, many companies won’t revert to their pre-pandemic methods of marketing.

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Digitalisation has shifted from a luxury few companies could effectively implement, to an essential part of the modern working environment. Businesses are having to adapt to a new kind of normal and fully embrace digitalisation to keep on par with their competitors.

For businesses that are looking to get ahead of the competition, there is the next step in digitalisation that will give your customers a new and engaging experience when viewing your product - AR and Interactive Apps.

Augmented Reality (AR) is where digital content like a 3D model is placed on top of a live capture of the real world and Interactive Apps are applications on a device that allows you to see and interact with a 3D model.

<h3-richtext>Why digital marketing is important for businesses<h3-richtext>

Customers are always looking for more, gone are the days of where a well-presented booklet or handout will get you sales. Now, it’s all about creating a lasting customer experience that not only creates an impression with your customers but tells them exactly how your product is going to solve their problems.

Customers' preferred method of media consumption has also changed. Traditional forms of marketing are no longer as effective as customers opt for the more accessible and convenient digital approach.

Digital content is no longer reserved just for the hours outside of work. Potential clients and investors also use digital media daily. Meetings are no longer a single person standing at the front of a room with a handout.

Everyone is now using digital media and standing out from your competitors now requires something more.

<h3-richtext>How AR and Interactive apps can market your product<h3-richtext>

Consider the past 12 months and how many people have had the opportunity to see your product in person with the restrictions of COVID-19. Complex technical products can’t effectively be showcased to potential customers through images alone as many key features can be lost or misunderstood.  However, this is what many companies have had to do.

AR and interactive apps eliminate this barrier as it enables customers to see the products represented digitally in the real world. They go beyond a graphic, they’re an interactive 3D model of your product that can be viewed from all angles. Not only can your product be seen in a 3D space, but elements can be enlarged and manipulated so customers can get a visual understanding of how it works. It also can highlight the key features of the product by clicking on specific parts. The possibilities are endless.

All of this creates an immersive experience that can create a more connective partnership with your customers. Bringing gamification in line with an interactive application or AR experience will bring engagement and excitement to any customer experience. All of this helps potential customers feel encouraged and at ease to make a purchase.

<h3-richtext>How AR and Interactive apps can sell your product in person<h3-richtext>

Exhibitions are hot spots at drawing in new customers. However, with so many other businesses and companies in a room, it’s difficult to create a customer experience that is truly memorable.

There is also the potential that your technical product is too large to take to exhibitions, or there may be other logistical reasons where you can’t showcase it in person. Without something for customers to visually engage with, it becomes harder to build confidence in your product.

With interactive apps, a customer can access a 3D representation of your product on their own phone, or through AR you can achieve the same experience by handing them a tablet with it already loaded on. One of the largest benefits of this, outside of showing off your product in a unique way, is that it allows customers to view your product in their own time.

With AR and Interactive apps, customers can take their time to really look at your product. They’re not going to be spending seconds with you and your product, eager to get around the exhibition halls as quickly as possible so they don’t miss anything. An Interactive App stays with customers and slows them down, they can access it repeatedly, taking as much time as they need. There are no queues, no crowds blocking views and no forgotten information.

<h3-richtext>How to make the most of AR and Interactive Apps<h3-richtext>

AR and Interactive Apps elevate the customer experience and break down barriers that stop clients from taking that next step with your business. They are a strong marketing tool that can be made even stronger in conjunction with an animated video.

Draw customers in with a memorable 3D animation of your product in use. Allow investors to see exactly how it’s going to work and solve problems. Then pair the animation with AR or an Interactive App that has a specific focus on the finer working and technical details that make your product better than anything else on the market.

Animated technologies have over 20 years of experience providing 3D product animations to businesses that are looking to take the next step forward and reach new heights. If you want to find out more about Augmented Reality and Interactive apps that can help you and your business, contact us today.