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Wave energy animation

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Wave Energy is a growing industry in the current economic climate. The need for better cleaner energy sources and ways to combat climate change are being developed frequently. The Global Wave Energy market is expected to reach $141.07 million by 2026. Below is our Animated video explaining the Tidal sails message.

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Wave energy is the transport and consumption of energy by ocean surface waves. The energy captured is then used for all special kinds of helpful work, as well as power generation, water desalination, and pumping of water. Wave energy is also a kind of renewable energy and is the major expected global resource form of ocean energy.

Factors such as rising demand for power from coastal communities and abundant accessibility of wave energy supply are driving the market growth. Though, high investment restrains the market growth. Moreover, the addition of wave energy with extra renewable energy technologies is an opportunity for the Wave Energy market.

We were approached by a company called Tidal Sails based in Norway to help them explain their renewable energy technology. Their groundbreaking technology in extracting kinetic energy from slow-moving currents, is providing a new wave of sustainable energy.

We have created a highly realistic renewable energy 3D animation for them, to show off their tidal energy offering and how it works in comparison to its less effective competitors.

The scenery and camera panning gives scale and a sense of movement within the video, mimicking the flow of the environment that the Tidal Sails system is used within. This, along with carefully selected music and professional yet friendly voiceover, makes for a truly impactful outcome.