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What you need to market your technical product for 2021

Digital marketing
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2020 was a year like no other

Businesses had to adapt and explore new digital approaches to marketing their product. It’s safe to say that in 2021, as the world reopens it’s clear to see that consumer behaviour will never go back to the way it was. Whilst many marketing strategies will remain the same, the implications of the previous year and the world going more digital is that marketing strategies businesses used to rely on are no longer as relevant or up to date.

Technical products come with their own set of unique challenges when it comes to marketing. They are often complex and niche, so need to end up in front of the correct people. If you’re looking for an edge on how to do this, whilst staying ahead of the competitions, start with these tactics.

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<h2-richtext>What you need to do to successfully market your technical product in 2021<h2-richtext>

<h3-richtext>Embrace new technology <h3-richtext>

Due to the uncertainty and ripple effects of 2020, there is a general unease throughout businesses. Risks are less likely to be taken and many will be going back to what they used to do pre-pandemic. However, your technical product isn’t being sold in 2019, it’s 2021 and things have changed.

Through going digital a whole new opportunity for interactive technology, like AR (augmented reality) and interactive apps, has arisen. Now might not feel like the time to embrace these new methods of marketing but in reality, it’s the perfect opportunity.

A prospective customer will be far more likely to understand your product when they can see a 3D model of it and interact with it through AR than they ever will by reading a handout. It doesn’t overload them with information, they can easily see key features, and they can see for themselves how your product is going to solve their problems.

Prospective clients are willing to try something new, they’ve spent the past year welcoming and accepting new technological developments, your business just needs to meet them in the middle with that.

Instead of shying away from new digital solutions like AR, embrace them. Offer something new and exciting to prospective clients and get an edge over your competition.

<h3-richtext>Understand the influence of video marketing<h3-richtext>

There’s a whole host of reasons an animated video is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your marketing strategy. But when it comes to technical products that are often difficult to understand or see in action, the animation really comes into its own as a medium.

Animation makes complex things easy to understand without diluting the key features and the technicalities of your product.

Not only does animation prove to be a versatile form of media, but 72% of customers say that they’d rather learn about a product through video. With so many people preferring this media form, it’s clear just how many customers you can be missing out on by not implementing it into the marketing strategy of your technical product.

<h3-richtext>Utilise LinkedIn<h3-richtext>

LinkedIn is a unique platform that is often an overlooked way to grow your business. It’s one of the few social platforms that focuses more on the businesses and not the products they sell.

At first glance this may not be a platform you think you want to spend time building a presence on, you’re wanting to sell your product after all, how is a platform that doesn’t focus on that going to help you? But selling B2B is an intricate process and often requires being far more authentic as a business.

When working with other businesses your brand, who you are as a business and your story matters far more than if you were selling B2C. It’s about building a relationship and connections within your industry.

By building meaningful connections with others in your industry, sharing your brand's identity and story you’ll be more likely to be on people's radars when they need a technical product just like yours. This may be a slower process than other techniques we’ve shared in the post but long term it puts your business’s name in the minds of the correct people.

<h3-richtext>Offer real solutions<h3-richtext>

A mistake many businesses make is that they try to make their blog too ‘salesy’ and potential customers can spot that a mile off.

Instead of directly trying to sell your technical product in your posts, give back to your readers. Identify problems your clients are having and then offer solutions for these problems through your blog posts.

By doing this you attract the right people to your website. The people who need your technical product will be searching for information online on how to fix the problem your product can solve. Having a blog post offering a solution will get the right people onto your website, at that point you can introduce your product to them and market it as the solution to their problem.

<h3-richtext>Key things to remember<h3-richtext>

  • Your customers aren’t shying away from new technology, so don’t hide away from it either - embrace it.
  • 72% of people prefer to learn about a product through video.
  • Connect with others in the industry and get your businesses’ name in their mind so when they have a problem your product can fix your business springs to mind first.
  • Have plenty of content offering solutions, so when they search how to fix a problem your product can solve, they'll come across your website first.

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