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Technical Animation videos

If you can't get your technical product across to people, don’t worry. We can help!

The problem businesses face as their products get more technologically advanced is that they can't simply explain to new clients how it works. The selling of technical products creates a unique set of challenges and barriers we understand and know how to help you overcome.

Having a Technical Animation for your client to see how your product is going to solve their problem couldn’t be more crucial. However, if they get overwhelmed by the complexity of it, they will never realize its potential. If clients can't see the potential in what you're doing with them or for them, then there's no way that they'll ever trust you enough to take a step forward and do business with you again! But don't worry- we have an easy solution:

If you want your customer to comprehend and understand the intricacies of what makes up a product or service, it's best to use an engaging animation. By using a technical animation that demonstrates how something works, viewers can see exactly why they need this specific thing in their life!

Animated Technologies are an animation company that specialises in animating complex technical products to help customers understand them. They have worked with businesses across the world, including large multinationals and startups alike. Their animated videos simplify complicated things like engineering processes into easy-to-follow animations that deliver information quickly and clearly for viewers of any level of knowledge or understanding about your business product.

The versatility of technical animations

Animation is not just about showcasing your product. It's also about adapting to different audiences and creating a message that they can relate to, like you would with any other form of marketing or advertising for products.

We created this 3D technical animation for Tidal Sails, demonstrating how their technology can make effective use of the tide to generate sustainable energy.

From that video, we then created numerous individual videos. These delved deeper into the unique selling point of their product, how their product excelled against their competitors and the technical elements of the system.

Tidal Sails now has a variety of technical animations on their Youtube channel, each containing different amounts of technical information to cater to the needs and interests of various customers. This enables Tides Sail’s employees to use whichever video they need to accommodate any client's specific desires or limitations with understanding complicated concepts.

If you’re looking for a way to help your customers take that next step with your business, then contact our team today and see how a bespoke technical animation can help with that all-important next step.