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Bespoke AR App with Centrica Energy

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How does augmented reality help to visualise large scale projects?

See how we collaborated with Centrica Energy Storage to transform their animated content into an immersive interactive experience.

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In the world of engineering and mechanical services, showcasing intricate and enormous pieces of machinery can pose a real challenge.
Imagine trying to transport a nuclear reactor to a trade show or allowing stakeholders to enter and inspect its inner workings. Not only is it logistically impossible and extortionate, but it also poses severe safety risks.

That’s where Animated Technologies come in with bespoke Augmented Reality (AR) apps – transformative technology that offers a safe and cost-effective solution.

The Challenge of Demonstrating Complex Machinery

Technical businesses often grapple with the difficulty of making their products comprehensible and engaging to stakeholders. 

The sheer scale and complexity of machinery like turbines, robotics, or nuclear reactors can be overwhelming. Traditional methods, such as blueprints or static models, fall short in conveying the intricate nature of these machines in an engaging or invigorating way.
Moreover, the safety concerns associated with operating and demonstrating these machines can limit hands-on experiences.

Our bespoke Augmented Reality (AR) apps bridge the gap between complex machinery and stakeholder engagement. Custom AR apps enable businesses to create immersive, interactive experiences that bring their products to life.

Case Study: Bespoke AR app with Centrica 

Following on from our successful hyper-realistic technical 3D animation with Centrica, they asked us to create an application to provide additional information on the Centrica Energy Storage energy transition. 

The aim of the app was to enable users to see more information about the specific areas included in the energy transition, as the timing is limited with the 3D animation. 

This will give the user the ability to move through the energy transition content at their own pace and focus on areas that they are more interested in, further boosting engagement.

Investing in a bespoke AR app has many benefits: 

Safety and Accessibility

Stakeholders can explore machinery from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for physical proximity. This is particularly valuable for dangerous or inaccessible machinery like Centrica. 

AR allows users to engage with virtual models without any risk, offering a safe environment to learn and experiment.

Engaging Presentations

AR apps can animate the internal processes of machinery, showing how parts move and interact. This engaging presentation makes the machinery more interesting and easier to understand. Stakeholders can interact with the machinery, triggering specific functions or operations to see how different components work together.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our bespoke AR apps reduce the need for expensive physical demonstrations or transporting large machinery to trade shows and client sites.

And once developed, AR content can be reused and updated easily, offering long-term savings compared to traditional marketing materials.

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