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Exhibitions are on their way - our tips on getting that competitive edge

AR/VR marketing
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Something exciting is on the horizon.

As lockdown restrictions are slowly easing worldwide, in-person exhibitions are set to make a return soon and personally, we can’t wait.

But it’s been a while since we’ve all attended one and in that time the world has changed. Digital media has been woven into our lives and customer habits have changed as a result. Old strategies are no longer going to appeal to potential clients and investors like they used to, something new is needed.

We’ve been giving quite a lot of thought here at Animated Technologies into how best to showcase technical products at exhibitions, after all, solving problems is what we do best. We’ve collected some top tips for exhibitions that we wanted to share with you, as well as bringing you industry news about AR and Interactive apps to help you keep your edge on your competitors at your next exhibition.

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<h2-richtext>Our top exhibition tips - Quickfire<h2-richtext>

  1. Embrace new technology - The world has changed this past year so don't be afraid to change with it. Embrace exciting new technology like AR or VR to create a memorable experience for those looking at your products.
  2. Demonstrate how your product will solve customer problems - People want to know how your product will benefit them. Try not to get caught up on minor details on the day, you can always send a follow-up email to them afterwards to explain more.
  3. Stop people slipping through the net by using animation- The reality is that you may not be able to talk to every person who looks at your exhibition stand. With a small team, there will be a point where no one is available to talk to interested customers because they are occupied talking to another interested party. A comprehensive animated video allows potential customers to see what your business offers without having to talk to your team.
  4. Utilise your mailing list - Send an email out before the exhibition to let people know you’re there and where they can find you on the day. This is also a great opportunity to promote your products or services in advance.
  5. Don’t forget about your existing customers - Getting new customers is great, but you can’t take for granted your current ones. Offer them something at the exhibition that will strengthen your relationship and keep them coming back.

<h2-richtext>The future of digital marketing – AR and Interactive Apps<h2-richtext>

Digital marketing isn't just reserved for online content. It can be used throughout your business in a diverse range of scenarios.

One of the most under-utilised areas of digital marketing is the use of it in in-person events such as exhibitions and trade shows. By tapping into new technology, such as AR and Interactive Apps, your business can get an edge over its competitors by showing potential customers how your product can solve their problems in an easy to understand yet memorable way.

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As technology and devices are increasing with their potential, so are the possibilities for using AR, VR and interactive applications in new and creative ways.

<h2-richtext>What others in the industry are saying<h2-richtext>

<h3-richtext>Using Augmented Reality to Stand Out at Events<h3-richtext>

AR drives traffic and helps you to secure sales.

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<h3-richtext>How to Use Augmented and Virtual Reality at Trade Shows<h3-richtext>

Augmented reality or AR allows brands to present information on products more interactively than through leaflets or even video content.

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Whilst this past year has been tough on many businesses, it’s also taught us a lot about how we should approach the future. If your business is looking to take those next steps in embracing a more digital world, we would love to work with you to help you explore that.

Contact the team today and see how we can help your business approach its future with the use of animation, AR and interactive apps.