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Go to market strategy for technical products

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Technical sales is renowned as a difficult and highly specialised field. It takes a rare combination of skills to sell technical products. This is because you need to be able to grasp the complexity of the product, yet also to explain its benefits in a simple and effective way. It also requires excellent listening skills to help you understand the needs of your customer and the market in general.

So if you’re a technical or engineering business looking to make more technical sales, here are some of our top tips for a go to market strategy for technology products to succeed.

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<h3-richtext>Focus on your message<h3-richtext>

Animated video forces you – and whoever is watching – to focus on your message. Like a sales pitch, a product animation or explainer video should be carefully honed and refined to speak clearly and directly to your customers’ needs. By listening and gaining an understanding of your market and your ideal customers, you can develop a product and a message that resonates and drives sales.

<h3-richtext>Be flexible and creative<h3-richtext>

Technical salespeople have to be flexible and responsive to the needs of their customers, and sometimes, they have to be creative in their approach in order to cut through. The same goes for creating marketing videos. The benefit of animation is that it enables you to push the boundaries of your customers’ imagination, vividly showing what your product makes possible. Done well, this can have a powerful effect.

<h3-richtext>Reach your customers through the right channels<h3-richtext>

Video is increasingly used all around us. On websites, on social media, in presentations, or in displays at conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions – video is used in a huge variety of contexts. A video asset can be repurposed and used again and again in these different contexts, tweaked so that it’s in the optimal format for each of these different channels. Wherever your customer is, video can almost always help you reach them. Identify where your customers are, and focus on reaching them there.

<h3-richtext>Drive action<h3-richtext>

Research shows that videos drive action from customers. A clear and well-crafted explainer video or animation is like switching on a light for a customer – it makes them see why your product can help them and why they need it. A well-made video that’s easy to digest, engaging, and with a clear message takes away the effort of understanding a complex sales pitch, removing the friction from the selling process.

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